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Jasmine, Khon Kaen, 22 years old

[Feb 8, 2015]
If I had to choose my favorite Creampie Thai, I would have to ask in what aspect. Companionship, girlfriend experience, wife quality, dirty fuck-doll? I have my favorites in each category, but if you were to ask me point blank "Who did you like fucking the most?" I would have to say this girl right here....Jasmine. Now in the intro I ask Jasmine how much she weighs and I think she must have failed math because she says "40 kilos". But I can assure you, she is more like 36 kilos (not including the 500gms of semen I dumped inside her). Jasmine has special qualities about her that I just love. Her skinny face that makes my cock look big and fat. Her tiny waist so I can grab it with both hands and slam it from behind. Her amazing thin, yet contoured legs. And then there's that small, muscular, round, and perky ass. I'm in love with that ass! There is nothing more intense that fucking a small bikini body that is this hot. After a romp in the kitchen, I took Jasmine to the bedroom and finally got her on all fours. Once inside her pussy, I became a two pump chump by cumming inside her immediately. You know the pussy is good when you finish before you start!
Creampie Thais Video Image
Creampie Thais Video Image
Creampie Thais Video Image
Creampie Thais Video Image
Creampie Thais Video Image

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