April 7, 2014

Raya, Buri Ram, 18 years old.

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For the next few minutes, let's talk about pussy. We all want it. You might say we all need it. But let's say you were a stud muffin and you got a lot of pussy; so much that you became an expert on it. Let's say that because of all the pussy you've seen, tasted, and fucked, you became somewhat of a connoisseur of pussy. If all this were true, then you'd be able to judge one pussy from another. You'd be able to differentiate between good pussy or bad pussy. Or even better, you'd be able to determine the 'gold standard' for pussy's quality by it's design, shape, color, texture, size, and even taste. Well if you had all this knowledge and experience with pussy, then what pussy would you consider to be the best? Oh you're asking me? Well if I had to choose, I would say that I'm a SLIT man. I like a really thin, perfectly symmetrical shaped pussy. And out of all the girls, there has only been a handful that posses this wonderful style pussy. Models like Janee, Eaw, Jantra, and even Feau come to mind. But now there's 18 year old Raya. She is fresh from a low level university, but a student nonetheless. Raya is a beautiful girl with a wonderful body, and the most perfect pussy. At my age, I still get butterflies in the stomach when I see a perfect slit pussy like Raya's. It was bareback all the way with a wonderful creampie finish. On to the next one...

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  • Name: Raya
    Length: 21:04


    • Currently 4.58/5
    Rating: 4.6, 576 votes

    Brand new teen university student with perfect slit pussy is creampiedRead More

  • Name: Maliwan
    Length: 11:50


    • Currently 4.28/5
    Rating: 4.3, 594 votes

    Nurse Maliwan gives excellent medical attention to my high fever and swollen ballsRead More

  • Name: Noona
    Length: 12:31


    • Currently 4.47/5
    Rating: 4.5, 483 votes

    Voluptuous 20 year old with BIG TITS is filled with a creampieRead More

  • Name: Sarika
    Length: 14:52


    • Currently 4.77/5
    Rating: 4.8, 561 votes

    Flawless teen Sarika is creampied for the first time on videoRead More

  • Name: Sonya
    Length: 19:08


    • Currently 4.66/5
    Rating: 4.7, 507 votes

    Pretty teen massage girl allows me to shoot video while we have sex and I creampie herRead More

  • Name: Lamay
    Length: 19:38


    • Currently 4.85/5
    Rating: 4.9, 459 votes

    Barely legal Thai teen Lamay just turned 18 and arrived in Pattaya hours ago for her first CreampieRead More

  • Name: Kitti
    Length: 21:35


    • Currently 4.45/5
    Rating: 4.5, 547 votes

    Kitti is a new teen spinner fuck doll who is fucked thoroughly until she is inseminated with potent spermRead More

  • Name: Tida
    Length: 23:17


    • Currently 4.74/5
    Rating: 4.7, 547 votes

    Tida the schoolgirl swings by for some milk money and a nice creampieRead More

  • Name: Lamai
    Length: 18:18


    • Currently 4.54/5
    Rating: 4.5, 450 votes

    Gorgeous Thai teen has her perfectly shaped pink pussy filled with hot jismRead More

  • Name: Tola
    Length: 18:27


    • Currently 4.73/5
    Rating: 4.7, 493 votes

    19 year old bar girl receives a potent load of sperm inside her hairless cuntRead More

  • Name: Kamala
    Length: 12:28


    • Currently 4.46/5
    Rating: 4.5, 425 votes

    Smoking hot Thai girl has sex with foreigner and filled with his spunkRead More

  • Name: Chailai
    Length: 13:52


    • Currently 4.62/5
    Rating: 4.6, 365 votes

    Afternoon Soi 6 stroll reveals a tall and slim bareback princess who lusted to be inseminatedRead More

  • Name: Nanai
    Length: 13:51


    • Currently 4.69/5
    Rating: 4.7, 305 votes

    Hot 22 year old GoGo dancer is barfined and creampiedRead More

  • Name: Poin
    Length: 13:14


    • Currently 4.29/5
    Rating: 4.3, 304 votes

    Poin has a great body, but she\'s a crazy MILF who has her pussy creampiedRead More

  • Name: Jasmine
    Length: 14:58


    • Currently 3.95/5
    Rating: 4.0, 221 votes

    Hot bikini body Jasmine is fucked in multiple positions before cumming inside her doggie styleRead More

  • Name: Por
    Length: 15:44


    • Currently 4.14/5
    Rating: 4.1, 315 votes

    19 year old Por dresses as an air hostess and gives first class service before receiving a creampieRead More

  • Name: Kumlai
    Length: 14:46


    • Currently 3.89/5
    Rating: 3.9, 216 votes

    Issarn girl with skinny waist and enormous ass is picked up at weekend market and creampiedRead More

  • Name: Tida
    Length: 17:28


    • Currently 4.47/5
    Rating: 4.5, 253 votes

    Gorgeous 19 year old Tida is filmed for the very first time ending in a creampieRead More

  • Name: Candy
    Length: 15:49


    • Currently 4.25/5
    Rating: 4.3, 275 votes

    Sweet ass Candy is broken hearted and in need for another man\'s load to help her move on.Read More

  • Name: Icey
    Length: 20:59


    • Currently 4.38/5
    Rating: 4.4, 275 votes

    Coyote fashion girl has her first experience with white cock and a bareback creampieRead More

  • Name: Phoebi
    Length: 13:22


    • Currently 4.56/5
    Rating: 4.6, 236 votes

    Phoebi has huge natural titties and loves to have her pussy creampiedRead More

  • Name: Meaw
    Length: 13:51


    • Currently 4.40/5
    Rating: 4.4, 214 votes

    Meaw has a permanent tattooed bikini that perfectly shapes her ass. It turns me on.Read More

  • Name: Jang
    Length: 15:02


    • Currently 4.64/5
    Rating: 4.6, 234 votes

    Jang is a 20 year old bar babe who likes beer, boys, and her belly full of cum.Read More

  • Name: Dirty Pancake
    Length: 16:41

    Dirty Pancake

    • Currently 4.69/5
    Rating: 4.7, 220 votes

    I get to creampie an online model named Pancake who is the official model of DirtyPancake.comRead More

  • Name: Gail
    Length: 11:58


    • Currently 4.05/5
    Rating: 4.0, 272 votes

    Big tittied Gail is back to suck and fuck cock until I explode my load deep in her pussyRead More

  • Name: Sitlanee
    Length: 17:55


    • Currently 4.23/5
    Rating: 4.2, 288 votes

    Teen showgirl pokes her half naked body outside her GoGo bar, then gets barfined and creampiedRead More

  • Name: Ant
    Length: 24:53


    • Currently 4.51/5
    Rating: 4.5, 253 votes

    Teen girl from Walking Street has her first creampie experience at Creampie ThaisRead More

  • Name: Pume
    Length: 13:40


    • Currently 4.22/5
    Rating: 4.2, 264 votes

    Hot soi six hooker represents her profession in the best way she can by receiving a creampieRead More

  • Name: Faw
    Length: 18:04


    • Currently 4.29/5
    Rating: 4.3, 262 votes

    Cute 20 year old Faw has an amazing ass with a wonderful bald pussy that just begs for a creampieRead More

  • Name: Oah
    Length: 16:47


    • Currently 4.09/5
    Rating: 4.1, 263 votes

    First time having sex without a condom, 21 year old Oah feels a raw cock in her pussyRead More

  • Name: Gail
    Length: 12:57


    • Currently 4.04/5
    Rating: 4.0, 280 votes

    Teen Gail with the big tits is back for a fun filled fuck and creampieRead More

  • Name: Ivy
    Length: 09:02


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    Rating: 4.1, 273 votes

    Soi Six fuckdoll gets a vaginal popshot and full creampie in one sessionRead More

  • Name: Minno
    Length: 20:42


    • Currently 3.59/5
    Rating: 3.6, 267 votes

    Fresh faced teen Minno is welcome to Pattaya with her first foreign creampieRead More

  • Name: Annie
    Length: 12:32


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    Rating: 3.3, 296 votes

    Annie has tits that are all natural and she loves when you cum inside her.Read More

  • Name: Plae
    Length: 18:47


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    Rating: 4.0, 251 votes

    23 year old Plae had just arrived in Pattaya to work in her bar and received her first creampieRead More

  • Name: Fone
    Length: 13:38


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    Rating: 3.4, 291 votes

    Naive Karaoke girl receives her first load of foreign seed inside her innocent pussyRead More

  • Name: Bli
    Length: 27:02


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    Rating: 3.7, 271 votes

    Super hot freelancer is picked up at a disco and persuaded to continue the party at my hotel roomRead More

  • Name: Eaw
    Length: 11:14


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    Rating: 3.9, 281 votes

    Teen doll Eaw is on her back for another fuck-filled creampie.Read More

  • Name: Nima
    Length: 15:36


    • Currently 3.74/5
    Rating: 3.7, 291 votes

    18 year old Nima makes her CreampieThais.com debut getting a massive load dumped into her bellyRead More

  • Name: Anna
    Length: 16:00


    • Currently 3.70/5
    Rating: 3.7, 267 votes

    Thai teen superstar Anna is barfined for breeding. Watch this ultimate slut get the creampie of her life.Read More

  • Name: Gail
    Length: 15:44


    • Currently 3.88/5
    Rating: 3.9, 251 votes

    Teen Gail with the Hentai face and big naturally titties is back to receive her daily internal creampieRead More

  • Name: Sara
    Length: 24:12


    • Currently 3.92/5
    Rating: 3.9, 308 votes

    Amazing half Arab / half Thai big tittied Sara is a natural wonder. She is one of the best fucks of my life.Read More

  • Name: Tong
    Length: 14:52


    • Currently 3.31/5
    Rating: 3.3, 255 votes

    Tong is back to show off her new breast implants. Now she is a complete creampie package.Read More

  • Name: Emmy
    Length: 15:16


    • Currently 3.29/5
    Rating: 3.3, 285 votes

    Emmy is a 20 year old nymph with a body built for sex. She loves the load in her cunt too.Read More

  • Name: Ni
    Length: 19:02


    • Currently 3.78/5
    Rating: 3.8, 265 votes

    Juicy GoGo dancer Ni is only 18 years old and gets her shaven pussy creampiedRead More

  • Name: Nim
    Length: 26:42


    • Currently 3.43/5
    Rating: 3.4, 279 votes

    Horny Thai girl Nim gets a warm creampie in her shaven cuntRead More

  • Name: Kik
    Length: 20:15


    • Currently 3.53/5
    Rating: 3.5, 249 votes

    Face like a kitten, this 19 year old Thai whore takes her bowl of cream deep in her kitty pie.Read More

  • Name: Tauey
    Length: 10:11


    • Currently 3.93/5
    Rating: 3.9, 276 votes

    The Thai teen pussy jackpot is finally struck with 18 year old TaueyRead More

  • Name: Mew
    Length: 20:48


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    18 year old University girl Mew bounces her ass on my cockRead More

  • Name: Tong
    Length: 20:13


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    80lb fuck toy Tong grabs a hold of my wong and gets a creampieRead More

  • Name: Gail
    Length: 13:23


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    Rating: 3.4, 263 votes

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  • Name: Fai
    Length: 12:07


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  • Name: Eaw
    Length: 17:47


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    18 year old teen superstar Eaw has her perfect slit pussy filled with a creampieRead More

  • Name: Meme
    Length: 09:05


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  • Name: Parw
    Length: 17:00


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  • Name: Air
    Length: 13:45


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  • Name: Mai
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  • Name: Nana
    Length: 15:23


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  • Name: Pui
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  • Name: Lan
    Length: 11:43


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  • Name: Janee
    Length: 17:44


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  • Name: Puma
    Length: 16:53


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    Rating: 3.5, 264 votes

    19 year old Thai girl Puma gets a Creampie SurpriseRead More

  • Name: Fai
    Length: 26:54


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    Thai Spinner Fai returns to Creampie Thais for a creampieRead More

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