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October 18, 2015 Chaisee
It's late one afternoon, about 5:30pm and I was riding a songthaew on Pattaya Tai heading to TukCom. On board was also a blonde Thai girl smiling at me the whole way. When I rang the buzzer to stop, she stood up and quickly got off at my stop. After I paid my ten baht, I headed to Starbucks which awards me my caffeine fix before heading into the tech frenzy of the computer department store. Now either the blonde wanted a coffee beverage too, or she was following me. Turns out she was looking for her next trick. Her name is Chaisee and I could tell right away she was a working girl. And I mus ... More

September 17, 2015 Dusadi
Check out these Yams! Who here is a huge fan of big natural titties? I know I am. And once I saw these globes waking by, I did an 'about face' and b-lined right towards her to introduce myself. Her name is Dusadi and she's just 20 years old. I know she was for sale as most girls who stroll the floors of Royal Garden shopping mall are hookers who come from the beach road in front. Even though they're the same girls, I find the mall pickups so much more appealing than on the street. I think it just reminds me of my teen days as a mall rat. So after some small talk and some negotiations, Du ... More

August 17, 2015 Ratanaporn
It's that time again where an innocent little farm girl visits the big scary city to seek her fortune and fame. Wait, fuck that! This isn't Red Riding Hood and I'm not the big bad wolf....or am I? Naw man I'm an old-skool romantic who just happens to love leaving my jizz in the bellies of Thai teens. If anything, the girls are in control of the game more than I. Let's take for instance 19 year old Ratnaporn from Korat. She looks nice. She looks honest. She even looks like she'll make you some Thai spicy salad. But beneath that big beautiful smile is a woman who will drain your ba ... More

July 13, 2015 Chantana
Boy do I have a treat for you guys. She has tattoos, a school girl uniform, braces, pigtails, and the nicest pair of natural tits with the biggest and perkiest nipples ... EVER. Oh and her pussy is all freshly shaved and waiting to get licked and fucked. Best of all, you can shoot your jizz directly into her womb no questions asked. Her name is Chantana and I met her at the motorbike impound of all places. Yes, we both had our motorbikes confiscated for parking in red/white zones. After paying our fines at the police station we arrived at the lock up at the same time to pick up our bikes. It was i ... More

June 12, 2015 Vios
So it's like 6am in the morning and I get a message from a previous model who says she's got a girl for me. Now I'm like, fuck this I'm tired and going back to bed. But it's so very hard to sleep knowing there's a creampie princess waiting to be hand delivered and your brain just can't stop wondering how she will look. Sure she might be a dog, but it would still be bareback! Anyway, I replied to send me a photo and what messaged back was a definite stunner. So I said, let's do this and within 30 minutes I was greeted by a cute, blonde haired Thai teen...with brace ... More

May 9, 2015 Thang
Today I was treated to some wonderful sex by a girl named Thang. She's 21 and from Kalasin, Thailand. Thang is a wild and horny chick who definitely loves the foreign dick. I was super excited to turn the camera on and start filming this natural beauty. No silicon nose, no silicon tits. Just pure Issan girl who loves to ride the white pony. Thang wasted no time introducing herself to my cock. She said a big hello using her mouth over my boner and it felt amazing. Thang reaps of sexuality so it was a full-on-erection just waiting to penetrate any hole she had available. Her pussy was nice, cl ... More

April 10, 2015 Maleen
Check out this hot little GoGo slut! She's 23 years old and well known for having a nice round ass. Of course you can only witness that booty by staring up at her while she's dancing on stage or bar fining her and riding that rump into the sunset. I happened to witness both. My eyes were fixated while she gyrated her bubble butt on stage. I just had to get my hands on those lovely cheeks. Her name is Maleen and when I asked if she wanted to go short time, she obliged and escorted me back to my room. Maleen wasted no time as she stripped out of her clothing and began thrusting her ass in my face. ... More

March 7, 2015 Phloi
There's two things I love in this world and they are big boobs and big tits. I consider more than a handful to qualify as 'big'. This week I found a nice pair attached to an attractive Thai girl named Phloi. Immediately my attention was focused on her bosom and not the street sign post I smashed into. That's what you get for having a one track mind. But the stumble did grab Phloi's attention which made her laugh. Anytime you can make a woman laugh, do it. The rewards can range from dinner and movie to boob action and some pussy. I was awarded immediately with a BBBJ and a BB ... More

February 5, 2015 Phan
Phan is a 20 year old girl from Yasothon province. She's been working a local bar near my apartment for the past week and although we've been cheeky with each other, we never officially met. Yesterday I was anxious for some attention so I strolled into her bar for a babe and a brew. Phan was happy to see a familiar face so she sat down next to me to get acquainted. She had been working the bar as a hostess but sometimes would dance if the boss asked her to. I liked her face and she had a nice body with a plush ass. I paid her bar fine and escorted her back to my place for an afternoon sex sessio ... More

January 2, 2015 Jasmine
I get a lot of emails from members/fans who commend me on my conquests and give me motivation to continue doing what I do best. Many of the messages are about models, specifically the pretty ones who make the best updates. But there is one girl who has a fan club all on her own. Her name is Jasmine and she is what we call a 'spinner'. See, over the last 5 to 10 years, Thailand has gained popularity as a travel destination. This of course has brought an onslaught of revenue to the country. Many corporations including fast food chains can be found everywhere. Now whether it's the junk food, or ... More

December 1, 2014 Noo
Finding pussy in Thailand isn't all about dirty whores. There's actually normal girls with regular jobs who are eager to have their slits fucked by courageous foreigners. I was needing to exchange some currency when I ventured into the Bank of Creampies this morning. The teller was named Noo and she was quite attractive with just a hint of Scarlett Johansson to give me a boner. Noo was all smiles as she assisted me with my transaction when I suddenly had the urge to ask her to go to lunch with me. Being Thai and shy, she looked around and after a few moments of thoughts said "yes" ... More

November 6, 2014 Pensri
Beach Road has never been more brilliant! If you start at say Pattaya Klang (which is the central road) and begin walking down the beach towards Walking street, you will encounter hundreds of beautiful women. Some dolled up like pretty girls, while others are scantly clad. Some are in groups, while others are standing all alone. I find those the most approachable as they are willing to negotiate better knowing their friends aren't judging them. Many of these freelancers are part time so you can easily find some diamonds in the rough. At about Soi 8 (which was only 50 meters from where I started) I f ... More

October 15, 2014 Jaidee
It's nice to be back in Pattaya after a quick border run. Usually the first thing I do when I return is grab a Songthaew to Soi 6 for an afternoon quickie. I might stroll up and down the street a few times before I decide on a girl to shag, but today it didn't take me long at all. About 3 bars down from 2nd Road, I saw a stunning, tall girl named Jaidee. She was standing outside with the rest of the teen tarts who try desperately to lure guys into their bar. I immediately b-lined towards Jaidee, grabbed her hand, and took her inside the bar. Still somewhat early I just ordered a water for myself ... More

October 4, 2014 Phim
It's nice to know there are still some fresh teen princesses waiting to be inseminated. Phim is am 18 year old Coyote from one of the Walking Street Gogo bars. She's got a great face and a wonderful teen body. I had Phim walk around the room several times so I could gaze at her wonderful frame and mastermind all the dirty little things I was going to do to her. She paraded around nicely, removing parts of her Gogo outfits with each lap. First and foremost, I wanted to feel how well little Phim could suck my cock. Her bright pink lips opened to take the head of my cock into her mouth. Her ... More

August 6, 2014 Nattaporn
Lately I've been in the mood for round juicy ass, and what better place to find a plump juicy ass then at Foodland on Soi Grocery. This hot girl was quietly shopping near the meat and sausage display, minding her own business, when I decided to annoy her with broken Thai language and poor manners. She ignored me at first, but my persistence paid off when she finally cracked a smile and giggled at my ridiculous behavior. Perhaps it was my cuteness or maybe she was actually looking for some dick, but this pretty Thai chick finally escorted me back to my hotel on Soi Sex for an afternoon roll in the ha ... More

July 10, 2014 Tida
The older I get, the harder I cum. And when you add dopey Thai teens and big natural tits to the mix, you can be assured my balls explode giant white loads deep inside of their silky pussies. That's exactly what happened this week in my final installment of the brilliant bodied Tida. She's a CREAMPIE fan which means she prefers a man to jizz inside her cunt than pull out or shoot off in a rubber. She's hungry for sex and loves to get fucked day or night. Today's meeting was an afternoon fuck-for-all as Tida pulled out my hard cock and gave me her world famous blowjob. We then mov ... More

June 11, 2014 Buppha
Buppha is a gorgeous Thai girl from Buri Ram Province. She is barely 18 years old and just arrived in Pattaya 14 minutes ago. Yes, I was on the bus ride down from Bangkok when I noticed the teen sitting across from me. Throughout the transit we both made eye contact which playfully turned into smiles and cheekiness. For some reason, I didn't have the courage to speak with her on the bus, and once we arrived at the terminal I lost her while handling my bags. It's all that camera equipment that bogs me down. My heart was broken as I couldn't find her anywhere. I was so angry at myself ... More

May 8, 2014 Thip
Have you been to this bar? On a side road, in a not so popular part of Pattaya, is wonderful naughty place! Behind the door of a telephone booth, is a world of frothy blowjobs, and sloppy seconds. The first time I visited this hidden bar I was met by 19 year old Thip. She was gorgeous in the dimly lit room as she grabbed my hand and paraded me through to the back. She sat me in a chair and asked me if I wanted something to drink. I ordered with the service girl and then Thip began rubbing my crotch through my shorts. She then smiled and dropped to her knees, pulled out my cock and started giving me head ... More

April 7, 2014 Raya
For the next few minutes, let's talk about pussy. We all want it. You might say we all need it. How and where to get it is enough to deal with, but if you could select your favorite pussy. What type of pussy would you choose? Well if I had a choice, I would say that I'm a SLIT man. I like a really thin, perfectly symmetrical shaped pussy. And out of all the girls, there has only been a handful that posses this wonderful style pussy. Models like Janee, Eaw, Jantra, and even Feau come to mind. But now there's 18 year old Raya. Fresh from a university, Raya is a beautiful girl with a wonde ... More

March 10, 2014 Maliwan
Feeling a little warm I worried of getting ill, so I called up nurse Maliwan to bring me a pill. She banged my knee to check my reflex, then told me my fever was brought on by a lack of raw sex. She grabbed my balls and told me to cough, then tugged my schlong and started to jack me off. She said my temperate was high but she needed to confirm by making me cum and seeing my sperm. I immediately pushed her down next to the bed, then she engulfed my cock and gave me some head. I bent her over doggie style and slipped my thermometer into her slanted smile. I wasn't sick but my fever was high, the only ... More

February 6, 2014 Noona
There are only two things I love in this world. BIG breasted women, and cumming inside BIG breasted women. Don't get me wrong, I still love my spinners. But every now and then, I just want to fall inside a plush, womanly woman who has all the right meat in all the right places. Meet my 22nd future ex-wife, Noona. Big fat ass, BIG natural titties, and a mouth that could swallow a bus. The minute I saw her dancing on stage, I knew I had to have her. When the Mamasan smiled and said her bar fine was 1 million baht...I said SOLD!  Just point me to 1000 ATM machines and I'll be back in an ... More

January 9, 2014 Sarika
Boy, am I a psycho! Recently I was on the 3rd floor of Royal Garden, sipping my Mocha Latte quietly and minding my own business when SHE walked by. Awe-struck and mindless I knock over my drink and spilled it all over the table. The ruckus though, caught the attention of the prettiest girl I had seen all day. Sarika wasn't just perfect, she was eighteen perfect. No wait. She was eighteen perfect with braces and a gorgeous body. By the time I was done cleaning the mess, Sarika was gone. I immediately panicked and quickly gathered my things to go find her. And yes, just like a pervert stalker, I follo ... More

December 15, 2013 Sonya
Who in their right mind would pass up a massage by a brown-skinned Thai teen? Certainly I wasn't able to once I was grabbed by Sonya the 19 year old massage girl in front of her shop. Normally I go for the dirty massage places but I couldn't pass up getting oiled up and rubbed down by this beautiful girl. The massage price was 350b for oil and 650b if I wanted to take her back to my hotel. I decided to gamble on the extra $10 and see if I could convince teen Sonya to take some nude photos. Sure enough, our walk back to my place was just the right amount of time to persuade her to give me ... More

November 21, 2013 Lamay
Fresh from the farm and hand picked by yours truly! Meet barely legal 18 year old Lamay. She is from Khon Kaen and just arrived by bus to the Pattaya bus station this morning. Weighing a whopping 35 kilos, Lamay is short, skinny, and perky. She has incredible breasts with big pointy nipples and her body is slim, slender, and athletic. Although this was Lamay's first porn shoot, she said she enjoyed looking at other photos of models and watching porn clip videos when she had access to them. Taking photos of Lamay was a lot of fun. I showed her sample poses of other models and Lamay was able t ... More

October 31, 2013 Kitti
Spinner, spinner, chicken dinner. After months of trying, I finally landed one of Walking Street's newest and cutest teen aGoGo dancers. At 37 kilos, Kitti is the perfect Asian-spinner-princess-fuck doll every man dreams of. Her gorgeous face and lean body will make any cock rise, throb, and erupt within minutes. I began the video with Kitty buck-naked as I didn't want any of you to miss a single moment of her slim body. As she knelt down to give me a blowjob, my cock had never looked bigger as it crammed inside Kitti's mouth. My shaft is easily half the width of her petite face. As Kitti ga ... More

September 27, 2013 Tida
Back by popular demand is the beautiful Queen-Nymph Tida. She's been studying at a local university during the day while working at the GoGo bar at night. This morning Tida called me to say she needed some milk money for school. Normally I'd just transfer over my life savings to keep that magical smile on her face. But this time, I told her to drop by my room to show me her school outfit so I could make sure she wasn't playing hooky. Sure enough, my school girl arrived wearing her white button down blouse, high hemmed skirt, and high heel shoes. Tida started slowly stripping out of her unifo ... More

September 2, 2013 Lamai
My bareback princess this week is named Lamai and she is from Sa Kaeo. She has been featured on a number of times and the member's really love her. BTW, have you seen the new trailer at TGW? You gotta watch it. Anyway, Lamai is a tattoo-less Thai teen with a gorgeous body, stunning face, and a superb ass. Yet, her best kept secret is her flawless pussy. Not only are the lips perfectly shaped, it's actually pink in color. It's not often you see Thai pussy that is pink! Lamai is a total nympho who loves to suck cock on demand, tongues asshole on command, and is one of ... More

August 2, 2013 Tola
Needing a break from the GoGo scene I found myself wandering the main drag of Nahklua Beach. There's a few beer bars still in existence, so I decided to stop by for a drink and contribute to a struggling venue. Although beer bars are old as Pattaya, there are still young brilliant gems to be found. Cheap beer, cheap billiards, and cheaper bar fines has my name written all over it. Tola immediately caught my eye while she was playing pool with some old Farang. She was smoking his ass from game to game and the poor chap eventually put his tail between his legs and headed home. I quickly went i ... More

June 27, 2013 Kamala
This week we venture to the infamous 'Dark Side', which was named by the expats who reside on the Eastern side of Sukhumvit Road in Pattaya. There you will find tons of small beer bars that cater to the retired guys who live on the outskirts.  Just like any joint, the mama sans recruit young girls down from Issarn to service the 'sexpat' customers who are looking for action. The prices for liquor and women are generally far less than the main spots in downtown Pattaya. Some of the venues are dumps, while others can provide a wonderful evening of entertainment, and lots of un ... More

June 2, 2013 Chailai
Desperate for an afternoon nut, I decided to scope out Soi 6 in North Pattaya. As expected, the street was fully stocked with bareback princesses and their thirst for satang (Thai change). Depending on what end of the street you enter on, you don't have to walk far to be lured into a bar by a gorgeous girl. I was lusting for something tall and skinny and sure enough a girl named Chailai swiftly jetted out to direct me her way. Chailai was leggy with a nice thin waist. I could sense she might be a condom-free whore so I was happy to oblige in her request to sit down for 'one drink'. Af ... More

May 6, 2013 Nanai
While bar hopping on Walking Street, I ventured into a new GoGo I hadn't been before. The bar was packed full of girls and immediately this amazing girl named Nanai plopped right into my lap. Nanai is 22 years old and brand new to the bar scene. Her smile is while the country is called the Land of Smiles. It's the widest and brightest smile in Pattaya and you become fascinated at how pretty her mouth and teeth are. Nanai is also equipped with an amazing body and a great personality. While sitting on the bench sofa seats, Nanai gave me her exclusive cowgirl ride while I fondled her tittie ... More

April 11, 2013 Poin
From the outside, Poin doesn't look older than maybe 24, so I was shocked when she told me she was actually 33. We don't get many MILFs around CreampieThais world, so I was anxious to feel the insides of a ripen pussy. Poin is a little weird too. Okay okay, Poin is a lot weird. Behind that big smile there is some crazy unfolding. Let's face it, we've all been there, Girl in your room, naked, a little ba ba bo bo (batty, psycho, crazy) but you still want to hit it right? Half my brain says 'let's fuck that pussy', while the other half says, 'let's get the fuck ... More

March 21, 2013 Jasmine
If I had to choose my favorite Creampie Thai, I would have to ask in what aspect. Companionship, girlfriend experience, wife quality, dirty fuck-doll? I have my favorites in each category, but if you were to ask me point blank "Who did you like fucking the most?" I would have to say this girl right here....Jasmine. Now in the intro I ask Jasmine how much she weighs and I think she must have failed math because she says "40 kilos". But I can assure you, she is more like 36 kilos (not including the 500gms of semen I dumped inside her). Jasmine has special qualities about her th ... More

February 28, 2013 Por
Ranking at #187 on my bucket-list is to become a member of the mile high club. Of course FAA restrictions prevent that dream from ever happening, So, without an itinerary, plane, or captain, I decided the next best thing was to bring the mile high club to me. Meet 19 year old air hostess Por. She's never been in a plane before, but she has serviced some economy cock. After completing the pre-flight safety speech, Por and I were ready for take off. Once we reached cruising altitude, Por began in flight service by sucking my cockpit while serving my peanuts. I bent Por over and revealed her am ... More

January 23, 2013 Kumlai
It's the best of both worlds in Thailand. Skinny teens, big tit nymphs, even dark-skinned honeys with big fat booties! Meet 21 year old Kumlai from Khon Kaen, Issarn. She's so fresh, I actually found her at the weekend market. Not the usual hunting grounds, but you'd be surprised the talent that stroll through those stalls buying clothes and food. When I saw Kumlai's slim waist and enormous ass, I was perplexed at the hip to butt ratio. I wasn't going to pass this opportunity up. My initial introduction was met with a giggle and smile. Her enthusiasm fueled my pursuit and wit ... More

December 21, 2012 Tida
Thai girls with big ol titties are a hard thing to come by. But when they do come along I don’t hesitate to get them back to the room for some boom boom! And this one, wow I am really happy that I did. Tida is a gorgeous bombshell. She's a Coyote dancer with a beautiful teen face, a woman's body, and is a pure nympho-maniac! She has the sex appeal of Janine, the titties of Pui, and the natural porn star talent of Beer. She's the reason men spend hours in economy class air travel, and the reason why those happy men fly home with empty pockets. I was in the right place at the right ... More

November 29, 2012 Candy
What do you think of 19 year old Candy? Yea...well, she was recently dumped by her Farang boyfriend. It's amazing that he would pass on such a fine piece of ass. No matter, another man's trash is this man's treasure. Hey Candy, how about we film a little boom boom action and broadcast it via Internet, Facebook, YouTube and hopefully you're ex-boyfriend will see it. You can put on the performance of a lifetime and show off those amazing skills he taught you. For instance, take my hard white cock in your mouth and suck it nice and slow. As you pump your hand up and down my shaft, l ... More

November 1, 2012 Icey
Today at Central Festival shopping mall, there was a fashion show with loads of Thai women scattered around the stage. In between the catwalk model sets, they had local coyote dancers come up and entertain the audience. I've always wanted to land one of these girls, but could never muster up the courage. Well, today I grew a pair and approached one of the dancers named Icey. I could tell that she wasn't used to speaking with foreigners so I figured I might have a chance with this hot babe. Through broken Thai and limited English I learned that she had never been with a foreigner which as ... More

October 3, 2012 Phoebi
Hunting Thai titties in Thai cities is the main objective! And if they're huge DIRTY PILLOWS, then I'm knocking over old ladies to get to them. Don’t get in my way! I love me some FLOPPY FUN BAGS!  If I can't find a nice pair to play with, I resort to a daily tug of war with Cyclops to satisfy my urges. But, if I'm lucky enough to get my hands on a pair of giant KNOCKERS, I'm grabbing my camera and filming the experience because my members deserve to enjoy it with me! Phoebi is 20 years old and is the horniest of horny girls. The minute you slide your cock into her ... More

September 11, 2012 Meaw
Music a-blaring, old men a-staring, lights a-strobing, and fingers a-probing....hairless teen vaginas that is. Oh those were the good ole days at Shark's aGoGo in Pattaya. You could easily find a teen dream and finger-bang her little cunt between her stage sets while sipping back some cheap Tiger beer or their awful 2 for 1 gin & tonics. Shark was the shiz-nit back then, and that's where I saw Meaw for the first time. How can you pass on a girl with a petite frame and such an interesting tattoo?  I remember wanting to buy her a drink, but by the time I motioned for the mama-san, Meaw wa ... More

August 17, 2012 Jang
Jang has an amazing ass! And for the right price, she'll let you rub it, slap it, lick it and slam it. I had some extra change in my pocket so I invited Miss Ass-a-lot over so I could hit it and quit it. Her delicious buns fit perfectly around my Vienna hot dog and her perfect set of C cup tits and hairless pussy made me cum in no time. Jang made her first appearance at where she received her very first creampie and also at where she takes a huge shot of jizz right into her mouth. Since then, she has definitely made her rounds. I can only imagine how many ... More

July 23, 2012 Dirty Pancake members have been emailing me for years asking where they can find some of the super stars that have appeared on the site. With each reply, I've happily given as much information for each model. However, I also have my own fuck-it-list, and they're not just GoGo dancers and bar girls. Being in the business, I stare upon and fantasize about other Internet models with their own established sites. Well my luck prevailed when I stumbled upon 22 year old Pancake, who is the official model of That's right, with a lil Asian-Persuasion and some extra cheek ... More

June 21, 2012 Gail
Let's us 'Hail' Gail and her triumphant return to Gail has been on a French-boy-friend holiday for the last 6 months, getting fucked and filled by Creme de L'ouvre or something like that. But I'm seriously stoked she's back to gobble my knob and take my load like many times before. Gail's big titties were a sight for sore eyes. Her fluffy fun bags were just what I needed to pop wood just in time for Gail's open mouth. Her warm wet lips skillfully satisfying my head while her small sweet hands stroked the shaft. Gail has professional rhythm and I ... More

April 23, 2012 Sitlanee
You know the feeling. You're walking down the street, trying to avoid the food carts and flower vendors when suddenly you stop in your tracks as your see a half naked teen body poking herself out of a GoGo bar. The doormen immediately see the drool dangling from your open mouth and swarm around you hoping to lure you in the bar so they can receive their 20 baht commission. As the Thai guys pushed me to the entrance, my eyes were locked on 19 year old Sitlanee, the GoGo's newest teen showgirl. She smiled at me, took my hand, and led me to the darkest corner of the bar. The Mama-San handed ... More

March 16, 2012 Ant
On an afternoon stroll down Walking Street, I spotted 19 year old Ant walking with her Aunt. They had just arrived in Pattaya and was eager to hit the famed nightlife venues in search for their bus fare and next day rental payment. Ant didn't speak any English, so I had to speak with her Aunt. I was informed that her niece was available for my pleasure for a whopping 1000 baht (that's approximately $29.99 US) and at that price, I couldn't pass it up. Needless to say, I gave Ant's teen pussy it's first fill of foreign cock in a nearby hotel. The next day I invited Ant to my ro ... More

February 21, 2012 Pume
There's nothing like a seasoned hooker! Y'know, the kind of whore who has been around since the dawn of prostitution. Meet Veteran cum releaser and soi six professional, Pume. This girl has worked the infamous Pattaya short time street for nearly seven years and has mastered the craft of getting guys off in under 15 minutes. Do the math, that's like six short times an hour. But Pume isn't stupid, in fact she's quite smart. She knows the ropes and I didn't have to tutor, train, or even direct this diva. She said she had been in porn movies before and knew exactly what to d ... More

January 21, 2012 Faw
Amazing. Incredible. Astounding. How is it that this girl is single and not married yet. Meet 20 year old Faw. Of course she's from some up-country farm village, but that doesn't matter does it? Look at that body! No seriously, look at it. After you join, check out photo #50 and tell me you would want to just fall into that each and every night. Docile, submissive, receptive, what more does a man need? She cooks you dinner, she cleans you, she blows you, and most importantly, she lives to be bred by your man seed. She is the ultimate creampie fan and she can be all yours for the price of ... More

January 2, 2012 Oah
As the nightlife in Thailand continues to grow, the land becomes more valuable leaving the famous beer bars struggling to stay afloat. I love the beer bars because the te-kill-ya and bar fines are cheap, and the girls are still young and naive. On occasion I find myself smack-dab in the middle of a beer bar plaza, playing pool, buying tequilas, and scouting for my next model. On this particular night I discovered a 21 year old newbie with a nice smile, long legs, and a hairless box. Oah's pussy is well maintained having only spent 4 days in downtown Bangkok. She's excited to be here, but ... More

December 15, 2011 Gail
My Thai teen nympho is back for another roll in the hay. 19 year old Gail has gigantic titties and is one of my favorite models of all time. Perhaps it's her adorable teen face, or her huge boobies that keeps me around....or maybe it's her festive pussy. There's something about Gail's cunt that makes my cock feel like it has VIP passes to Creampieland. Maybe I fuck skinny bitches too much and they lack the silky flesh inside their vaginal walls. Gail has a wonderful pussy and the fact she lets me reach full orgasm inside her every time is simply sensory bliss. Gail knows I'm ... More

November 5, 2011 Ivy
I was horny as fuck one afternoon so I strolled down to Soi 6 to pick up a Thai fuck doll. After a minute of searching I came upon 20 year old Ivy who was strutting her stuff in front of her bar. I asked if she wanted to go short time at my place and she said 'Yes'. After our shower, Ivy didn't waste anytime. She climbed on the bed and started sucking me hard. I turned her around and sank my cock right into her dripping snatch doggie style. I then flipped her over and continued drilling her bald pussy missionary before finally pulling out and dousing her entire smooth snatch with pur ... More

October 2, 2011 Minno
At barely 18, Minno enters her fresh face and delightful teen body into the world of Creampie Thais. In an extraordinary case of good luck, Minno just happens to be the younger sibling of Pui who called me up to say she had a sister who just turned eighteen and wanted to work. I immediately dropped what I was doing to jump at this awesome opportunity. Once Minno arrived I was in love. Her body was flawless, her skin was silky and white, and her face was straight out of a Thai teen Vogue magazine! My dick grew instantly into a hard-on that nearly started without me. Minno took notice of my raging ... More

September 3, 2011 Annie
Annie is one of Pattaya's top showgirls and believe it or not, her fake looking titties...are REAL. Annie is no stranger to the game. She has done a few porn scenes with another website so I knew she was down to do more. I asked Annie if she was interested in making a sex video with me. I explained that I would cum in her mouth. She agreed and the next day Annie arrived looking like a magazine whore with her big titties swaying inside her loosely fitted top. Annie took off her clothes, walked up to me, then dropped down to her knees and began sucking my cock. I reached down and starting fluff ... More

August 23, 2011 Plae
Dark, seedy streets with neon signs hide some of the best aGoGo bars in Pattaya. They're off the beaten path and generally less busy than the popular places. The drinks are slightly cheaper, the staff is pushy, and the girls are slim pickens. But, if you're lucky, you can find a diamond in the rough. What happens is that a new girl will come to work at a bar because she has a 'sister' who works there already and has given the bar a reference to hire her. A 'sister' isn't really a sibling. A sister is a friend from the village back home who can sometimes be related. So ... More

August 1, 2011 Fone
I'm really starting to like Karaoke girls! When you've seen what all the GoGos have to offer, it's nice knowing that Thailand has plenty of other adult venues to find women. 20 year old Fone was on stage singing her set at a semi-popular karaoke club in Pattaya. I ordered a drink with the Mama-san and she came over after. Karaoke girls are generally naive, speak very little English, and are not use to foreigners. It turns out that Fone had never went with a non-Thai customer before. So it was pretty exciting to know I would be giving Fone her very first taste of immigrant cock. She wa ... More

July 7, 2011 Bli
It's late, like super late. No scratch that, it's fucking morning and I'm immersed in the depths of a discotheque filled with a sea of pussy. There's so much hot ass that I can't decide who to approach, that is until 22 year old Bli walked in. Bli is no ordinary bar girl looking for a trick. Bli and her group of 'super friends' are high-end freelancers who generally have several sponsors allowing them to enjoy their endless party nights. I knew the type of girl Bli was so I knew exactly how much to offer her. She declined after my first offer, but I  gave it another shot ... More

June 7, 2011 Eaw
The little VIXEN is back and she's cocked, locked, and loaded...with sperm that is. Yes, one of the most sought after female models from Creampie Thais is right where I left her. Lying back spread eagle on the bed dripping the largest load from the most precious little cunt in Thailand. My teen goddess just loves to please Daddy and today is no exception. My emo teen doll is dreamy to look at and devilish to fuck. I slowly ease my hard cock into her silky womb, then thrust my hardon deep into her cherished pussy until I climax with an enormous burst of cum. Watch the most famous Walking Street hooke ... More

May 7, 2011 Nima
After I introduced and creampied 18 year old Nima at, she has been in demand by the faithful member's of my sites. Each time I display a model, my members head out to find, fornicate, and insemniate the feline they've fantasized about. That's all fine and dandy, but Gents...I have work to do =). I've spent months trying to track her down. Everytime I go into her bar the mamasan tells me she is barfined, barfined, BARFINED!! So now I have to plead with my fans to pencil me in for a shoot. Well yesterday my appointment arrived and I shot my best scene with this teen dr ... More

April 16, 2011 Anna
Anna, or as I call her 'The Thoroughbred' is a superstar teen dancer at Heaven Above aGoGo in Pattaya. Every time I go in there I go to see Anna. She does this ass-shake-thing with her bubble booty that is straight out of a rap video. I knew I had to breed with this perfect Thai specimen, so I paid the bar fine, and walked my young mare back to my barn for mating. Anna knows her way around the stable, shoving my cock deep into her mouth. She then saddles my cock and bucks like a wild stallion. I turned Anna over and sank my purebred into Anna's dripping cunt and shot my entire load deep into ... More

April 2, 2011 Gail
18 year old Gail is becoming a menace to creampie fans. Let's just say that she's occupying my time...a lot...and it's simply because I fucking LIKE her. She's super duper cool with a silly personality. Of course it could be her massive juggs, or her Hentai face that is doing me in. Either way I need to find some krypto pussy if I'm going to get away from fucking this girl daily, otherwise there won't be anymore creampie updates. But, love her or hate her, 18 year old Gail is here today to fuck me senseless. She delivers a hot performance with some hot internal cumshot action. He ... More

March 18, 2011 Sara
Whoever the Arab man is who came to Thailand 19 years ago and dropped your sperm into some Thai woman...all I have to say is 'Thank you'. 18 year old half Arab / half Thai superstar Sara is why international breeding should be encouraged. This stunning sex nympho was designed specifically for SEX. She's good at it too, she's practically the best. We're talking cream of the crop. Perfect huge naturally titties. Perfect round bubble butt. And sexual skills that will boggle your mind and ask the the fuck? I have no idea where she learned to do what she does, but ... More

March 9, 2011 Tong
Tong is back and this time with some big improvements. Many of you might remember Tong with the tight little teen body. Well now she's has some breast implants which have made her body completely rock'n. I'm sure Tong had no problem paying for her new surgery with all the customers she has. I bet with the addition of her new tits her client base has doubled. I just had to have her back to play with these new marvels. There's nothing like a handful of titty, small ass, and pretty pussy, especially when you are dumping your load inside it. ... More

February 15, 2011 Emmy
Emmy is a 20 year old nymphomaniac. This is one woman I definitely couldn't keep up with. Emmy has an amazing body and delicious round rump. Her sexual drive is far more than any mans. She likes it rough too. She will suck your cock and give it a few bites which is her way of warning you of the fuck fest about to cum. Once you're inside Emmy's pristine pussy, her inner-freak kicks in and she whines in orgasmic bursts. She pulls you're body into hers as if to say, 'your cum is mine'. If you're looking for crazy sex, and a creampie fan, then look for Emmy in one of the Pattaya ... More

February 1, 2011 Ni
This week’s Creampie Thais episode features 18 year old NI. This juicy Thai girl has been working at one of my favorite aGoGo bars in Soi Cowboy for a while. She’s young, she’s ripe, she’s horny and she loves to get creampied…perfect! Unlike most Thai girls who have the generic tramp stamp, Ni has an amazing butterfly tattoo on her left ass cheek. It truly is a work of art. But what’s even more artistic is the way Ni uses her tongue on my cock and balls, this girls blowjob technique is flawless! After a heavenly suck job, I pound Ni’s love box doggystyl ... More

January 7, 2011 Nim
This week’s Creampie Thais episode features 18 year old NIM and one amazing sauna experience. Here’s how it went down: Nim sits across from me in ONLY a wet towel rubbing cream all over her body. Towel keeps slipping off and I'm getting views of tits, nipples, and bald beaver shots. She smiles and leaves. 10 minutes later, I'm outside, she goes back inside and motions me to follow. I sit next to her and start rubbing her hairless cunt pinching her nipples, rubbing her wet skin. It's hot...steamy hot...and not because we're in a sauna....! She then asks if I want a massage. I ... More

December 12, 2010 Kik
19 year old Kik has the face I adore. It's lovely, precious, and square. There's a nickname for girls who have the same type of face. We call them 'kitty kats'. They usually come from Nakhon Ratchasima and they're usually stubborn just like the felines they resemble. Kik however was very pleasant especially when she purred as she licked and sucked my cock. Her high pitched yelps were even more pleasing as I fucked her kitty kunt in multiple positions. Thank goodness her pussy has nine lives because I gave her box a pretty good banging. But in the end I'm a nice guy and I gave the ... More

November 15, 2010 Tauey
Oh…my…buddha! I have died and gone to teenybopper heaven. Meet 18 year old Tauey, one of the most adorable girls I've ever filmed on Creampie Thais. She has the cutest bunny rabbit face, the perkiest tits, the juiciest cameltoe and the tightest ass I think I've ever seen! Eighteen-year-old Thai girls like Tauey are always looking forward to the next cock they'll fuck. Come home from school...fuck a cock. Study with friends...fuck a cock. Go to the mall...fuck a cock. The only thing Tauey needed to figure out is whose cock to suck and fuck next. Enter me. I bust out the video ca ... More

October 20, 2010 Mew
This weeks Creampie Thais episode features Mew, a 18 year old university student from Bangkok. I found Mew out one afternoon selling candy as part of a university class fund-raiser. Not everyone likes candy but any *horny* guy would be willing to do her a 'favor' in return for a 'favor'. This sly vixen said she wants to get the whole box sold in exchange for letting me creampie her pussy. I didn’t even like the candy she was selling but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to creampie a HOT 18 year old with braces. Back at the short time room she spreads her pussy on camera and ... More

October 7, 2010 Tong
Thai girl Tong is the perfect beach bunny to satisfy my Creampie desires. 24 year old Tong loves two things in life: relaxing on Pattaya beach, money, and cum. Oh wait that’s three…whatever. Since I filmed Tong a while back for Asian Suck Dolls, it was easy to get this cum junkie to shoot another video for me. I asked her if she was okay with letting me cum inside her bareback and she said yes. So off to the short time room we go for some creampie fun. There’s not much to work with in the breast department but what Tong lacks in boobs she MORE than makes up for in cock riding skills. ... More

September 16, 2010 Gail
BIG fucking Thai Titties is the title of this week's main event. Wowza! I cannot express how much I am in love with 19 year old Gail. She is absolutely stunning! I'm so lucky too, because I was dire need of immediate medical attention. See, if you don't cum at least once a day, your cock may never work again. If you don't use it, you lose it! So just as I was about to throw in the cum rag, in walks Gail's ga-gas. She wrapped her sweet mouth around my cock and then titty fucked me with her jumbo juggs. After bouncing her bigguns up and down my cock I spun her around and drove my bit i ... More

August 28, 2010 Fai
One of the most popular requests on is for 21 year old Fai. She definitely tops the list of best Thai sex. She can bang you like no other, and when your cock pushes into her super slender teen body, it doesn't take long to unleash the ultimate pie into Fai. How does such a skinny girl have such big titties? Well, because she's not real. Fai is just a Real Doll with batteries. Each episode I pull Fai out of the closet, insert 8 AAA Duracells, an voila...I'm getting submissive sex with the ultimate Asian fuck machine. I can loan her to you but just remember....batteries not i ... More

August 15, 2010 Eaw
Thin, thinner, slim, spinner, this girl needs a chicken dinner! You all know my favorite body type on a Thai girl is skinny. 18 year old Eaw is a bean pole with the hottest little face and the prettiest slit pussy on earth. Every so often you find a diamond in the rough, and Eaw is my princess cut. She's so adorable, and she actually gives me butterflies in my stomach. The mere thought of fucking this girl is dream cum true. The ability to actually fuck and fill her unprotective womb with my sperm, is what cream dreams are made of. I promise to produce the hottest hardcore Thai girls receiving loads ... More

July 25, 2010 Meme
What I accomplished tonight, and early this morning.....truly needs to go in the Pattaya record books.  I was here. I came. I saw….but mainly I came! Meet tiny teen Meme, she’s 18 years old and she weigh less than a golf bag. Brace-faced Meme has everything it takes to be my new favorite creampie teen. This 18 year old cutie has a tiny little mouth, but a BIG appetite for cum. She has previously filmed a scene for me over at Asian Suck Dolls, but today it was time to fill her pretty little pussy with spunk. After getting a glorious blowjob by the Jacuzzi, I ram my rod deep inside ... More

July 12, 2010 Parw
Making her Creampie Thais debut this week is Parw. Sexy Thai girl Parw is 22 years old, and works as a waitress at one of my favorite aGoGos in Bangkok. I’ve been trying to creampie this luscious fuck toy since I first met her a year ago. Well I finally got my chance! There's a lot to love about Parw - this gorgeous Thai girl with pretty brown eyes has an awesome natural rack and a great figure, and one heart shaped, first class ass that I just had to tap here on! After a few minutes of showing off the goods, Parw gave me a sample of one of the best blowjobs in Bangkok. I the ... More

June 24, 2010 Air
This week’s episode is one of the finest in months! 80lbs, a pierced tongue and the sweetest and juiciest pussy you’ve ever seen - you can tell as soon as you see her that 18 year old AIR is just begging to get her tight Thai pussy filled with cream! She weighs 80lbs and has the kind of body that won't quit no matter how hard you tap her twat with your dick. After inspecting Air’s perky tits and shaved Asian cunt, this 18 year old fuck toy gets on her knees and gives me a blowjob so good I thought I would blow it right there. But alas, I held back, pounded her pus ... More

June 9, 2010 Mai
This week’s Creampie Thais episode features horny Thai girl Mai. The lovely 20 year old Mai has many wonderful features: beautiful eyes, pretty dark hair, fantastic man made tits, juicy camel toe and an all around awesome body-but I was most interested in that juicy pussy! Watch this sexy Thai bargirl do a playful striptease for the camera, those man made tits were so nice I just had to grab a handful. She gets so turned on from getting those incredible tits massaged that she immediately drops to her knees and demonstrates her deepthroat technique. After getting a heavenly suckjob, I pound Mai&rsq ... More

May 13, 2010 Nana
Look who’s back! This week’s Creampie Thais update features an oldie but goody, 22 year old Nana from Bangkok. Over the years ive pounded Nana’s prime pussy countless times, and I keep going back. Its almost like her pussy contains nicotine! I invite Nana back to the place where she’s been fucked so many times before and get straight to business. First thing I did was suck them titties! You can't blame me really, you would too! After fondling her goods, I had Nana get on her knees and give her patented suck job. And oh boy can she suck cock!! Nana is the real deal, rides like ... More

April 21, 2010 Pui
OMG! Big Boobs + Braces + Creampie = Heaven!! Meet Pui, a 24 year old sex goddess from Pattaya. Pui is a tits enthusiasts wet dream. She’s got the nicest set of BIG NATURAL TITS. On top of that she’s got the juiciest pussy, just begging for some cock. Pui is definitely shy, but her tits are not…in fact they can’t wait to be exposed to the masses. I waste no time in jumping on those titties, and why wouldn’t I? Those breasts are irresistible! But Thai girl Pui is a lot more than just her tits, she’s a natural born freak. She loves sucking cock and loves doing it. Her ... More

March 26, 2010 Lan
Another Creampie Thais update is up and that means we get to witness another Thai hottie getting nice warm cum dripping out of her pussy. This week’s model is Lan, an 18 year old freelancer from Bangkok. Leaving an after hours disco, I was approached by Lan, who wanted to go home with me. I was a bit tired so I politely declined at first…then Lan said the one sentence my cock wanted to hear: “I let you cum in my pussy”. SOLD! Off to the room we went and off came the clothes. I played around with Lan’s naughty bits before having her lick my cock and balls. She was such a go ... More

March 8, 2010 Janee
Hello my Creampie Lovers. Hungry for another Cream Pie that comes with a pair of big tits? I bet you are. If you’re a LONG time visitor of Creampie Thais, then you’ll remember this girl. Her name is Janee and it must have been over four long years since the last time I creampied that pussy. How does one go 4 years between banging a piece of pussy this hot? Well when you’re in Thailand there’s a different Janee for every day of the year! Everything about Janee is same same except for one big difference..her tits! That’s right Janee got an upgrade to the boobage department an ... More

February 20, 2010 Puma
Another week another Creampie Thais update. Meet Puma, a 19 year old gogo dancer from Pattaya. Puma is special because she has never received a creampie before. In fact when I mentioned to her I wanted to Cream Pie her, she thought I wanted to hit her in the face with a Cream Pie heheh. After a boring conversation in which I couldn’t take my eyes off Puma’s tight body, we go to a short time room so I can cover her Pie with my cream. Puma has the perfect body, and she loves to show it off. She got completely naked and rubbed her clit before she took the cock for a ride. Simply put: Thai girl ... More

January 28, 2010 Fai
Welcome back my loyal Creampie Thais fans. Here comes another amazing Creampie episode with a familiar face. Im sure you frequent Creampie Thais visitors remember Fai, the 22 year old spinner from Phuket? Well she’s back to get another creampie in that glorious Thai love hole of hers. I absolutely LOOOOVE fucking Fai! What a perfect set of tits this girl has. Oh and did I mention Fai weighs 83lbs ( 38 kilos )? Fucking a girl this petite is truly an awesome experience. I wasted no time in going straight to the sucking and fucking with this one. Fai was feeling a bit frisky so we decided to fuck out ... More

January 16, 2010 Jeab
Creampie Thais has another fresh 18 year old Thai teen for you, this one by the name of Jeab. So I was passing by the local soccer field when I saw petite babe Jeab practicing with a few friends. Me being the soccer master that I am ( haha yea right ), invited Jeab over to my hotel to teach her some tricks. Little did Jeab know the creamy surprise awaiting her at the room. Now while Jeab wasn’t exactly the most skilled soccer player, she was one of the most skilled cocksuckers I've been with. In fact while fucking she repeatedly got up to suck my cock. I think we may have a future Asian Suck D ... More

December 29, 2009 Miy
This week’s Creampie Thais episode features 18 year old Miy. Her name was easy to remember because all I could think of was dropping MY load deep into her bald teen cunt. Miy stands about 5’1” but only weighs like 90lbs ( nice! ). She’s also got a nearly PERFECT set of 34B breasts with perky brown nipples that get rock hard with just a little touch. After I have some fun fondling Miy’s sweet breasts, I have her wrap her full lips around my raging boner. This girl gives a BJ you just have to see to believe, its like she savored every second of having a cock in her mouth! Ill ... More

December 17, 2009 Blue
New at Creampie Thais this week is 21 year old Thai babe Blue. This girl is brand new to making adult videos and is honestly more than a little nervous. But of course that very same nervous first timer energy is exactly what sets Creampie Thais apart from the other Asian sites on the net. Most of our girls are making their video debuts and aren’t afraid to let you know it. Having said that, Blue is a part time swimmer with an absolutely insane body. Blue gets the usual groping, fondling, fingerfucking along with giving a great blowjob. I give Thai girl Blue a little cunt pumping action before my c ... More

November 25, 2009 Chompoo
I have filmed over 100 beautiful Thai girls, filled over 100 shaved Thai pussies with cum, fucked every shape and size that you could think of…but todays episode is a Creampie Thais first! That’s right, today CreampieThais heads outdoors for its first outdoor Creampie. 27 year old Chompoo works at a hotel, but freelances in her spare time. I’ve been wanting to fill her with my seed for a while so when the opportunity arose I jumped on it.  There was only one condition, kinky Chompoo wanted to fuck outdoors. It's crazy but she loves the rush she gets from this crazy type of se ... More

November 6, 2009 Joy
Aaaaaa-mazing! I’ve found her! I’ve finally found the perfect Thai fucking machine. Her name is Joy and while I was 'full of joy' during this incredible fucking session it was my job was to make sure 'Joy was full' of one thing…my sperm! Joy is one of the top show girls at one of the top GoGo’s in Pattaya so getting to inseminate this pussy is a special event for me! Joy’s got perfect perky tits, a juicy brown ass, and a body sculpted by the gods themselves. It's been a while since I've been with a girl with a natural pornstar talent ( ex: Beer, Kip ... More

October 22, 2009 Nid
Houston, we have a screamer! This week's Creampie Thais model is the wild ( and very vocal ) Nid. This 22 year old bar slut has been wanting to fuck me for a while now, but with so many 18 and 19 year olds running around, I've got to be somewhat picky. Nid definitely helped helped clear an opening on my cock calendar by grabbing my member and whispering "if you take me I'll let you cum in my pussy". Uhhh check please!! With my cock harder than petrified wood, I rush with Nid to the nearest short time room, fire up my trusty camera and get down to business. This horny Thai girl gets ... More

October 15, 2009 Nicky
Meet Nicky the Nympho, a 20 year old Thai sex maniac from Issan province. Naughty Nicky just recently made the move to Pattaya to fuck foreign men full time. She loves money, she loves to party and she LOVES cock! Seriously, sometimes I think this Thai teen would take a strangers cock for free just for the sexual thrill. As the camera rolled her body had FUCK ME written all over it. I face fucked this cum hungry teen, then spun her around and bonked her doggystyle. There's no point pulling out with this Thai whore. Nicky would like nothing more than a hot steamy load of man cream deep inside her sha ... More

September 30, 2009 Bebe
Holy Breasticles Batman! This weeks Creampie Thais model features busty gogo dancer Bebe from Bangkok. This 19 year old stands at 5 feet tall and weighs in at only 98lbs. And honestly, I think a quarter of this girls weight is all in her NATURAL Asian tits. Bebe's Boobies are FANTASTIC, all natural, perky and just waiting to be played with. And play with them I did...hey it's a hard job but someones gotta do it heheh. Bebe didn't really want to waste time talking ( a girl after my own heart ) and quickly proceeded to get down on her knees and milk my bone. After a blowjob that can only be de ... More

September 15, 2009 Mali
Oh My! This is Grade A quality Thai pussy here boys! Feast your horny lil' eyes on 18 year old go-go dancer Mali. After a few days of just pounding freelancers, it was time to dip my pole in some Thai bargirl pussy. 18 year old Mali has the nicest natural tits, a juicy brown ass, and the delectable slit pussy just perfect for a Creampie. For as tiny as this Asian girl is, she takes the cock like a champ! Small mouth, small pussy, BIG appetite for cock. Thai girl Mali sucks my cock with such vigor I almost blow all over her pretty face, but alas I must be strong and wait to shoot my load inside her t ... More

August 30, 2009 Jo
Is there anything better than a soapy massage? *thinking*...mmm no! This week's Creampie Thais model is 22 year old Jo, a masseuse at one of the more popular Soapy Massage parlors in Bangkok. Jo is one of my regulars and does SUCH a good job soaping up my body ( and cock ) that I decided to order the "in house" service. Jo wastes no time in stripping nude and hopping in the tub. A few minutes into the mini soapy, this Thai cutie takes control of my cock and gives it a healthy slobbering with her mouth. Horny Jo wants to give a blowjob, handjob, and get her 22 year old fuck hole fingered -- ... More

August 14, 2009 Koy
This week's Creampie Thais episode features 18 year old fashion design student Koy. I picked up this petite fuck toy at an after hours disco. That's the great thing about Thailand, you'll have girls who are making an honest living during the day, but then go out and fuck for money at night. Hey nothing wrong with a little supplemental income lol. I bring Koy to the nearest short time room and cant wait to get her naked. I take a little time to admire her perky titties and beautiful butterfly pussy. About 90lbs, Koy fucks like a girl on a mission! On a mission to make your dick melt in her sw ... More

July 30, 2009 Pink
What's better than Creaming a horny Thai bargirl? A horny Thai Cheerleader!! Meet 19 year old Pink, a kinky Cheerleader from Bangkok. Usually when I film these Thai girls, the majority are shy, quiet and reserved. Pink started out the same way, but after she whipped out the cock there began a hulk like transformation. Don't make Pink horny, you wouldn't like her when she's horny. Actually who am I kidding, you'd probably end up marrying her! This Asian nympho gave my cock the ride of a lifetime. I remember asking Pink how she stays in shape and she said "boom boom". I'm ... More

July 15, 2009 Kwan
The thing I love about Thailand is no matter where you are, Thai pussy is available and ready to be creamed. For example, I was at a tattoo parlor with a friend the other day when I spotted 21 year old cutie Kwan. My bud is getting inked and all I can stare at is Kwan's juicy brown ass in front of me. My little head takes over and I walk over to Kwan and mention she should come over to my place and show me her tattoos up close and personal. 15 minutes and a taxi ride later and kinky Kwan is buck nekkid and on her knees. I could spend all day sucking on her cute chocolate nipples, but that pussy is t ... More

July 1, 2009 Nam
Look who's back! 21 year old fan favorite Nam has made her return to Creampie Thais! Former wild Thai girl Nam has turned over a new leaf, having left the bargirl industry to pursue a career in law enforcement. Seriously, did they even bother to look at her resume? I can see it now: " prior experience, but those tits…yea you’re hired, when can you start?" Thankfully for Nam those AMAZING ASIAN TITS can get her anything she wants in life. Nam still has a soft spot for me and agreed to fuck on film in her uniform. Can you say lucky bastard? You won't believe it, but N ... More

June 15, 2009 Lawan
18 year old Thai schoolgirls, I keep getting older they stay the same age! Meet Lawan, an 18 year old University schoolgirl from Bangkok. Lawan was introduced to me through a previous Creampie Thais model and fellow schoolgirl Ket. After hearing of the creamy good time on the set of Creampie Thais, 77lb fuck toy Lawan was ready to receive her first creampie on film. Within minutes, my camera is rolling and i'm inspecting every bit of Lawan's petite Asian frame. That tight brown ass, those perky little titties, that silky smooth Thai pussy...yes I love me my schoolgirls! Now Lawan's blowjob i ... More

May 28, 2009 Apple
Sweet mother of pearl I’ve hit the jackpot! Meet 19 year old Apple, a showgirl from Bangkok. I’ve been trying to bang this Thai teen for a while and the Creampie Gods finally came through! Just thinking about Creaming Apple’s tiny pussy makes my cock harder than Adamantium. After a short interview, I strip apple down bare and inspect her AMAZING body. Apple is very petite and has a perky set of natural tits to match her gorgeous smile. Now Apple is one of the shyer girls we’ve had, but all of that nervousness disappears once my cock arrives on camera. Shy little Apple turns into ... More

May 25, 2009 Kai
This week’s Creampie Thais episode features 22 year old Kai. Every now and then ill meet a Thai girl who speaks ZERO English, Kai is one of those girls. I ask her if she likes “boom boom” and she responds “22” lol. That’s okay Kai, you’re not here for your linguistic capabilities that’s for sure. No no, what I’m interested in is that warm inviting mouth and fertile Asian Pussy. I assure Kai that im going to pound her Thai twat into next tuesday ( good thing she had no idea what I was saying lol ). Besides those great nips, Kai had some very ju ... More

May 10, 2009 Joon
If you’re a frequent visitor to Creampie Thais, then you’ll surely remember this beauty. Her name is Joon and this is her 2nd appearance for CreampieThais. When you typically see someone you remember the common phrase is: “hey that face looks familiar!” In Thailand however, the words are usually: “hey that pussy looks familiar!” That’s exactly what was uttered when I saw Joon bouncing her sweet brown ass on stage at a new go-go. It took me only a few seconds to realize I wanted to Creampie that shaved Asian pussy once more, so I paid the barfine and off ... More

April 25, 2009 Powder
Like a Virgin….creampied for the very first tiiiiime. No Madonna’s not in the house, but rather Powder, an 18 year old Cherry girl from Bangkok. That’s right, this weeks Creampie Thais episode features a REAL VIRGIN CREAMPIE!! How did I land this one? Well lets just say it took a lot of dates and a lot of schmoozing! Powder really is a lil’ thing weighing just 88lbs and standing “barely” above 5 feet tall. Her virgin walls were smooth as silk and as tight as a Chinese finger trap! I give Powder a real pumping and even make her clean off her own pussy juice wit ... More

April 10, 2009 Jj
This sexy 18 year old Thai Teen is named JJ. From the very first time I spotted JJ walking around I knew that I just HAD to get my hands on some of that sweet brown ass! JJ is a very cute and petite lil’ Thai girl with an amazing body and really fun personality. And speaking of fun, I had quite the fun time pinching, squeezing, rubbing and fingering her tight 18 year old body on camera. After fondling JJ’s perfect natural breasts, it was time to dip my cock in that shaved Asian Pussy! I proceed to pump JJ's juicy socket for a while until I'm ready to blow. Then JJ’s swee ... More

March 25, 2009 Daow
This week’s Creampie Thais episode features 25 year old Daow. Now I’ve been making these Creampie videos for a while and seemingly every Thai girl I shoot is 18, 19 or 20. So every now and then it’s a welcome change when I can leave my cock in the hands of a girl who has REAL experience! Daow definitely fits that bill! Off to the short time room where Daow quickly disrobed and showed off her tight Asian ass and perky tits!  After playing around with her shaved lil fuckhole, it was time to see what Daow could do with a cock…and she did not disappoint! This Thai sex ma ... More

March 10, 2009 Fai
Spinner: “A petite woman. Denoted as a joke, whereby the petite woman is so thin she is able to be mounted and spun in a circle on an erect penis.” This weeks Creampie Thais episode features 21 year old Thai spinner Fai . While not as petite as Thainee from, Fai is still a grade A spinner weighing in at a miniscule 83lbs ( 38 kilos ). Fai worked my cock with the perfect amount of suction and hand action and had me ready to blow. But I couldn’t blow my load just yet as my sperm had an alternative destination, namely Fai’s tight Asian pussy. Fai gets a real p ... More

February 23, 2009 Fibi
Over the years Creampie Thais has seen a variety of different Thai girls get creampied: bargirls, showgirls, go-go dancers, massage therapists, university students... but this update is something special: A real life magicians assistant! After the show, I invited petite 19 year old Fibi back to my place for a one on one "magic" show. First trick was the sword swallowing act in which expert cocksucker Fibi took my sword DEEP down her throat. Fibi's luscious Thai pussy was so TIGHT not even Houdini would have been able to escape! After making my cock disappear inside Fibi's wet ... More

February 8, 2009 Yaya
Holy puffy nipples Batman! This weeks Creampie Thais porn video features Yaya, a 19 year old University student from Bangkok. If you're a fan of big puffy nipples, then you're going to love this episode! This Hiso honey was *very* shy to start, but warmed up rather quickly. After fondling those massive Asian tits, it was time to let Yaya work her magic on my Yoyo. Thai Teen Yaya gives a great blowjob and you can really tell that this lil' Asian nympho LOVES the cock! She gets the cock stuffed every which way including missionary, while laying on her side, and doggystyle. After plugging ... More

January 23, 2009 First
Knock knock!! Whos there?? Some sweet Thai pussy begging to be fucked! This spunky little fuck-me-doll goes by the name First. New to the go-go scene and desperate to please, this Thai vixen promised to give me the fuck of my life. She wasn't lying! Less than 10 minutes later I'm back at the room with a camera in one hand and First's perky Asian tits in another! After finger fucking her perfectly shaved Thai snatch, I let First work her magic...and oh how magical it was! After performing her patented "tongue tornado" on my cock, it was time to sample her perfect Asian love hole. I ... More

January 8, 2009 Eve
18 year old cutie Eve is a coyote dancer at one of the more popular clubs in Bangkok. What is a coyote club? Ever seen the movie Coyote Ugly? The movie caused the opening of numerous bars / clubs in Bangkok with a similar concept. The dance shows in these places are amazing as the coyote girls really know how to shake it! After seeing Eve dance on stage I knew there was only one other place for her to dance….on my cock! Back at the room, I have Eve get naked and show us her cleanly shaved Thai Pussy. After exploring her slit pussy with my fingers it was time for Eve to explore my cock w ... More

December 22, 2008 Janine
Feast your eyes on arguably the HOTTEST Thai girl we have ever featured at Creampie Thais. Her name is Janine and she is a certified grade-a SUPERSTAR! I officially hit the Thai pussy jackpot with this one. I met 21 year old Janine at an after hours club, one thing led to another and before I know it this Thai stunner is in my hotel room modeling that sweet brown ass for me. Huh? Someone pinch me!! After a few minutes of admiring Janine's heart shaped ass I was ready to dive cock first into that sweet Thai pussy. This exotic Thai knows how to fuck; her beautiful ass and her amazing tits are ... More

December 9, 2008 Aor
This week's Creampie Thais episode features the VERY sexy 18 year old Thai teen Aor. The first time I saw Aor she was shooting bananas out of her pussy ( yes you heard right ). in a famous Bangkok banana show. Though she looked like your typical shy teen, shyness didn’t stop her from blasting about 20 Chiquitas from her tiny Thai twat! While she was shooting objects out of her pussy I was determined to shoot something in her pussy..namely a thick creamy load. It wasn’t long before I was slamming Aor’s bald Asian beaver with my Dole Pole and injecting her full of cum! ... More

December 1, 2008 Pooki
18 year old Pooki is a Thai GoGo bar waitress. Her job is to lure wondering men into her bar by yelling out phrases like "Welcome, cum inside me please", or "Hello, white shirt, I want to go with you" Well, this particular day I was wearing the white shirt. So within minutes I paid the bar fine fine and Pooki was on her knees and polishing my knob with her amazing cock sucking skills. A few more seconds of her trademark tongue twister technique and I would have splattered my load all over her face. Luckily I was able to hold back. After fucking this Thai cock slut every which way, I ... More

November 21, 2008 Min
Oh dear Buddha! I have officially died and gone to Thai teenybopper heaven! Feast your eyes on 18 year old Min. Min is a showgirl at one of the busiest gogo's in Bangkok. She is 4'9" and weighs a miniscule 74lbs ( 34 kilos ). 74lbs!! I've walked by white girls who have 74lb neck fat! One look at this Thai spinner and I knew I had to creampie that teen pussy. Not only is Min the perfect size, but she also has some of the tiniest and perkiest breasts that I have ever had the pleasure of fondling. Pushing your cock into Min's tiny Thai pussy could make any man feel like Ron Jeremy ... More

November 6, 2008 On
This weeks CreampieThais episode features a scorching hot Thai cutie named On. Her name is fitting considering she was ON my cock faster than a bar girl on baht! On is a University girl who has never fucked on video. There's nothing like introducing a sex starved Thai schoolgirl to some "educational" new sexual positions. Missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggystyle, and my personal favorite "the piledriver" were all part of today's lesson. I fucked On's bubble butt in so many positions that she was practically a sexy pretzel. After drilling this Thai teen into submis ... More

October 21, 2008 Gai
This week's CreampieThais episode features tiny fuck doll Gai, who turned 18 just a few days before this shoot. Now if that's not barely legal I don't know what is! Not only had Gai never fucked on film before, but she had never fucked a white cock either. Well I was certainly happy to pop both those cherries! This Thai teenybopper didn't need any lube as her nervous "first timer" excitement was more than enough to get those pussy juices flowing. After easing it into her wet Thai pussy, my cock was sliding in and out with ease. Gai hopped on reverse cowgirl and gave me an amazi ... More

October 4, 2008 Fern
Feisty 20 year old Fern makes her return to Creampie Thais. If you remember Fern's first scene, she was a bit chubby, but she is dancing now and has slimmed down quite a bit. Much like a face, I never forget a pussy and when I saw Fern's sweet twat on stage I just had to have another piece. I took Fern to a short time room and wasted no time stripping her down and admiring that gorgeous Asian body. A few minutes later and Fern was on her knees licking my cock and balls with such skill and technique I almost blew it right there. Fern loves variety and I definitely gave that to her: missionary, do ... More

September 18, 2008 Nana
Ahh my sweet Nana is back! Sexy babe Nana is a two time model from After two facial cumshot scenes, this grade A stunner returned to me to get her Thai pussy inseminated with cum. She has amazing skin, a gorgeous pussy, a sparkling personality; she's pretty much the perfect female specimen. Before Nana took off a single piece of clothing, my dick was already harder than Chinese Algebra. Yea she's that hot! A few minutes into her amazing blowjob, it almost turned into Asian Suck Dolls scene 3, but luckily I held back. Dipping your cock into Nana's tight fuck hole feels ... More

September 1, 2008 Fonn
Land of Smiles is a description of Thailand that was coined many years ago by visitors. So what prompted these "visitors" to call Thailand the Land of Smiles?? I'm guessing it was the all you can eat Thai pussy buffet. How's that Murray Head song night in Bangkok makes your balls tingle? Something like that. Anyways, I met 22 year old Gogo Dancer Fonn while playing pool. She said instead of shooting balls in a hole I should be shooting my load in her hole. Uhh..sold! Her moist Asian pussy felt like heaven on my throbbing cock. After fucking that sweet pussy in multiple position ... More

August 12, 2008 Meoy
18 year old Meoy is the true definition of a Thai superstar! This cute teen could make any man fall to his knees just by flashing that tight Asian bod! I met Meoy in a Bangkok massage parlor and after working out the kinks in my back, I brought her back to work out the kinks in my cock! She had never fucked on film before, so naturally she was a bit shy to start. However once she got on her knees and had a taste of cock, she was an entirely new person. Sweet and innocent Meoy turned into a wild nympho right before my very eyes. The blowjob was amazing, but what I really wanted to do was dump my t ... More

July 26, 2008 Ket
So I was at the library ( yes you read it right..the library ) when 19 year old schoolgirl Ket approached and asked if I would help with her English homework. Turns out her assignment was to be introduced to one new English word a day. Can you guess which word I had in mind? Ill give you a hint, it starts with cream and ends with pie! I ditched the books and brought tiny fuck whore Ket back to my hotel room. Ket weighs 35 kilos ( 77lbs ), or roughly the size of an American woman's chin. Cowgirl, doggystyle, reverse cowgirl, no wonder Ket was failing English, she was too busy studying the dam ... More

July 11, 2008 Ing
I was in the mood for a show, so I went down to a local GoGo bar and checked out the daily oil show. Now if you've never been to an oil show, it's basically where a GoGo showgirl rubs oil all over her buck naked body. After her oil show, 21 year old Ing came up to me and did the classic cock in mouth gesture, it's like these girls are psychics! Back at the room Ing was slobbering on my cock with a furor. They say actions speak louder than words; and this was certainly the case with Ing. I don't think she said one word during the entire scene! After giving Ing the pounding of her life, it ... More

June 28, 2008 Feua
19 year old Feua was a new girl in one of the more popular gogo's in Bangkok. She had the sweetest slit pussy but didn't speak a word of English! This wasn't a problem because if there's one language ALL Thai girls understand it's the language of fucking! And boy did Feua speak that language well! Feua was VERY shy and tense to start, but once she grabbed a hold of my cock, it was like she was at peace with the world. Her lips made sweet love with my cock and while I could have blown it all over her pretty face, I remembered my duty! My sperm had one destination only, and that was in ... More

June 13, 2008 Dang
Well "Hot Dang", I just gots me some anal. 27 year old Thai slut Dang was dancing in her skimpy Go Go outfit when I pulled her out of her bar to do some horizontal dancing. She has my ideal body which many would describe as a bean pole. Hey, I like my girls skinny because it makes my cock look.....well uh BIG. But enough about my penis....what matters is that my stiff cock was slobbed on by the GGGOTW (go go girl of the week) and soon after planted into her beautifully shaved Thai pussy. Dang was the typical submissive Thai girl who allowed me to fuck her lean body in anyway I wished. So I was ... More

May 26, 2008 Shirley
If you pull out your Thai-English dictionary ( I know you have one ) and look up the term 'Thai Fuck Doll', you will see a picture of Shirley. Not only is this girl a superstar in my eyes, but she is the epitome of the perfect Asian sex toy. If you have any brains, Shirley will fuck them right out of you! Shirley weighs only 85 lbs, but with short strong legs and the tightest Asian pussy I’ve ever felt. This Thai nymph has no quarrels with riding your cock forrrrrrever! She has the most amazing personality and will adhere to any sexual pleasure you may have. Our video started out with ... More

May 9, 2008 Nam
21 year old Nam has a fucking amazing rack. Just look at those scrumptious melons. As soon as she revealed them I caught instant wood. Which makes me wonder, why does anyone need Viagra? Everyone should just carry a photo around of some Thai chick with bouncing boobies or a tiny ass. ***Instant Pecker Pleaser at your service*** Anyway, Nam's name means 'Water' in Thai, and that's what my mouth was doing as I groped her mounds for the first time. Her BJ skills were retarded, but those massive titties eren't. I sunk my cock into her shaved beaver and fucked her like a blowup doll at a ... More

April 22, 2008 Beer
Arrrgh Mateys! Buccaneer Beer is back by demand! Me proud beauty is easily the center of many received emails. There's not enough words to explain how talented this corsair is, except to  watch the videos she's made. This time Beer wore a sexy black and white striped outfit with Jolly Roger prints all over everything. She's a pirate on the high seas seeking to pillage the souls of every man. She exposed her treasure chest and I was all hands on deck. But I was careful with my grope, otherwise I would be walking the plank. Our savage sexcapade lasted long enough for my cannon to reacquai ... More

April 7, 2008 Meaw
Ok I know this is crazy, but I need your permission to get married. After all my years in Asia, the creampies imbedded into tight Asian pussies, and all the sperm tasted and swallowed by Thai cuties....I have found the one! Her name is Meaw and she is the sweetest Siamese girl I have ever met. But the most intriguing, is her mouth and tongue. When you kiss her, your lips, mouth and tongue are engulfed by hers. And when she finally wraps her mouth around your cock, well it's a feeling never felt before. She told me she could swallow so, I planned to cum in her mouth, but then it hit me. If ... More

March 23, 2008 Am
Fresh off the boat is the saying, but I like to say fresh off the bus. This means that a brand new cum receptacle has recently turned 18 and has arrived at the Bangkok bus station. She is eager to find friends, work, and cash. Am is a pretty teen from some rice farming village in the North. Am has been working at a beer bar for less than a week when I saw the unseasoned sparkle in her eye. She wanted my money, but most importantly she wanted my baby. That would make mama happy! So I took her by the hand and led her back to my room. I spread open her shaved teen cunt and slid my hard cock in to the ... More

March 14, 2008 Sheree
We like to joke that there are about eight different tribes of Thai girls in the land of smiles. If you spend enough time here you can actually get good at guessing what city or region a girl is from, just by her facial features. 24 year old Sheree is a much different breed. She isn't from Buri Ram or Rayong. She is from the jungle baby, and she's gonna make you hiiiiiigh! That's right, there are still some parts of south Thailand that are home to rare tribal or aborigine people. Sheree is who you want to be your wife! She isn't skilled in draining your wallet or giving you lip. She was ... More

March 5, 2008 Paula
Big brown eyes, silky brown skin, and bright smiles! Yes, I love me some Thai girls! Paula is a 21 year old Go Go dancer from a northern city notorious for breeding dark skinned women. Her gorgeous Thai body was just begging for a pounding. I immediately pushed her to the floor and had her unveil my hardening cock. She slid it between her lips and began sucking it nice and slow. She then stood up and slipped out of her dress and panties. Her long legs and high heels heightened her shaved mound to the same level as my now raging cock. I fucked her st ... More

February 18, 2008 Gib
"Hello Kitty," purred through my mind as this young 18 year old Thai teen ventilated herself with her cartoon fan. Gib was adorable in her bright colored outfit with matching socks, shoes, and accessories. She unzipped her shirt to expose her silky tanned buds and then pulled down her pink panties to reveal her unspoiled teen pussy. My cock was exploding with excitement as she fucked herself with a glass dildo. So, I positioned my cock over her head and she began whirling her tongue around my head and shaft. I couldn't wait to shove my dick ... More

January 18, 2008 Wan
Wan is a little teen school girl who just finished with class, and has a certificate in "Creampie Collections"  That's serious credentials in her line of work! Wan has always been a favorite of mine simply because she's Thai and she likes to fuck. We didn't waste anytime catching up from our brief separation. Instead, I got reacquainted with her by putting my penis in her body. It was many creampies ago, but I still remember little Wan and how she learned what it felt like to have a man unload his semen into her undisturbed womb.....And now she's a professio ... More

January 17, 2008 Dar
Sometimes when you visit a Go Go bar you tend to be hypnotized by all the swinging tits and ass on display. However, the minute I walked through the door, I saw the girl I knew I had to fuck. Her name is Dar and she was spread eagle on the edge of a Jacuzzi tub with one hand holding her balance on the slippery edge, and the other hand fingering her soaked pussy. Immediately I fumbled for some twenty baht notes and began slapping them on her wet skin. After a quick bar fine and taxi fare we were in my room where she gave me a slutty dance before pulling out my cock and sucking it. Her scho ... More

January 5, 2008 Jang
How cute is this week’s Creampie Thais model? Asian teen Jang had a confused look on her face while she was waiting for me to adjust my camera options. So, in the meantime, to keep her occupied I gave her a Pubic's Cube. She struggled with the puzzle before I finally pulled it away and gave her something more natural to play with. She grabbed my cock and smiled as she knew this was a game she could easily win! Give a bargirl a puzzle and they get frustrated, give them a cock and the world is all better lol. After I had Jang solve the mystery on how to get my cock raging hard with her mout ... More

December 22, 2007 Beer
You can never have enough Beer my friends! This week’s Creampie Thais video features a very familiar face here at Creampie Thais. My busty babe Beer is back for more bouncy boinking! This time 18 year old Beer came over dressed as a cheerleader! Beer is hot wearing any damn thing, but put a cheerleader outfit on her and all of a sudden my cock is harder than Chinese Algebra. She's so cute especially when she's licking my cock with her teen lips and sucking it like a porno queen. I hope she never grows up because inseminating this vixen is the absolute best feeling in the world. "Gimme ... More

December 16, 2007 Ketar
This week’s Creampie Thais movie features masseuse cutie Ketar. When you visit the massage parlors in Thailand you can usually get a happy ending for about 500 baht. Of course my happy endings are usually dripping out of them as they scurry to the rest room. This is how I met Ketar. She doesn't speak a lick of English but she has a vagina and nice hair. So I conjured up the idea of inviting Ms Ketar back to demonstrate how well she can suck my cock and consume my sperm with her pussy. I wanted to demo the whole massage experience but she didn't quite get the spiel so I just fondled and fuc ... More

December 8, 2007 Polly
Today was pure genius! One of my best productions ever! First, I must praise the entity who crafted the most spectacular vagina I have ever witnessed. The proud owner of this beautiful cunt is Polly, who is fresh out of the crayon box at the ripe age of 18. Polly's pussy is hairless, perfectly pink, and the size of an SD memory card. It's the tiniest pussy ever and it might be because Polly only weighs 81 lbs. I couldn't wait to drill her paper weight body. With a little lube, forward thrusting, and a whole lot of smiley/happy face I managed to sink my cock into the tightest pussy in Thailan ... More

November 28, 2007 Niki
This week’s CreampieThais porn video features teen cutie Niki. What a delectable little Asian pussy. Teen babe Niki is the proud owner of this hairless twat and I was given direct access to inseminate her tiny womb with my eager load. I met Niki at a new gogo in town and the way she was all over my cock in the bar there was no way I was leaving without her. Paid the barfine and off we went. Back at the room she exposed her silky pussy for me to gaze at and explore with my fingers before pushing me back and dropping to the floor to begin sucking on my already hard cock. She then mounted me and bega ... More

November 21, 2007 Beer
The talented Miss Beer is back to show off her skillful cock owning. Yes I'll admit she soooo owns my cock it's not even funny. She could easily ask me to give up filming porn and stop fucking other girls forever in exchange for being her boyfriend. Ok, well maybe not to that extreme but she could easily convince me to surrender all other pussy for at least 24 hours. I start videotaping this sexy Thai bargirl and move quickly to the touching and feeling as I can hardly wait to get my hands on and inside this Asian bombshell. So this time I got my usual pornstar blowjob before bending her over an ... More

November 7, 2007 Gon & Jen
Today I decided to double my pleasure and fuck two Thai girls. Gon is a previous creampie queen who had a friend, named Jen, in town who had never done a sex video in her life! The two of them cheerfully came over and engaged in a short and sweet lesbian show just before inviting me over to have my cock sucked. After they were finished making out with my wang, I fucked Gon for a few minutes and then I had Gon position herself in a sixty-nine under Jen so I could fuck her doggie style. The placement is wonderful since my cock is buried in one girl while the other is licking my nut sac. It's the ... More

October 28, 2007 Lam
Last week I was frequently visiting a convenience store to buy various items and there was a new cashier named Lam who kept giving me the eye every time I came in. So one day, I grew the courage to ask her if she wanted to meet me after work. After several SMS messages, I struck gold and had 23 yr old Lam come to my apartment for a little fun. Since she wasn't the typical bar girl, I allowed her to stroll around my room while I took a shower and when I came out she was holding an outfit used for photo shoots. She was smiling and asked, "What it was for." I said, "I like to fuck girls ... More

October 14, 2007 Pum
This week’s Creampie Thais episode features sexy bargirl Pum. Boom Boom Pum is the real sister of Bee. You've seen me shoot my load into Bee's mouth and pussy and now you get to see me creampie her sister. Pum is a few years older, much taller, and very shy. She likes sex though, a lot. After I lost my willy in her mouth and hair, I set the camera down and had Miss Pum ride my cock. I have no idea what state of mind she was in, but it appears that she luuuuvs the dick. After she came all over my Johnson, I decided I'd return the favor by dumping my potent load into the older sibling ... More

September 27, 2007 Fern
What a genuinely nice Thai chick. This week’s Creampie movie features a very cute bargirl from Pattaya named Fern. Fern is a 20 year bar girl with a sweet face and a luscious round ass. She's a little different than the usually stick dolls that stroll my way. We played a silly little dice game at her bar and I told her if she could beat me that I would pay her bar fine. Well, don't ever gamble with a bar girl with a game that she plays on a nightly basis because you will lose your ass. But, it all worked out in the end since she agreed to let me fuck her raw on camera. She has an amazing o ... More

September 7, 2007 Joi
Every once in awhile I come across a charming Thai girl that seems to enjoy her job all too well. Joi is a true party girl that will slam ten shots of tequila, and then fuck you till sunrise. She loves to dance and can really put on a tremendous show on stage and on your cock. I think her ass is permanently stuck on 'gyration' mode because it revolves uncontrollably until your cock finally says "Bar fine." I've known this GoGo tease for quite a long time and I finally got my chance to fuck her while filming. This is an unusual style of video for me because I leave the camera rollin ... More

August 14, 2007 Kip
Unbelieveable. This week’s Creampie Thais episode features one of my hottest finds yet. Do I even need to write anything in this space? I mean seriously, are any of you going to actually pull your eyes away from the photos of this extraordinary Thai teen? Kip is a gorgeous 19 year old who probably works at some bar named Angels a GoGo because she's truly from the Heavens! Beside her angelic face, she has a perfect round ass that was sculpted by the ancient Asstecs of Pumparumpo. This is the ONLY porn scene she has ever done and the first creampie her pussy has ever had. Kip is obviou ... More

August 4, 2007 Beer
Get ready for one wild ride! 18 year old Beer is a pornstar in the making. She didn't need any instructions, in fact, I think I may have learned a thing or two from this teen temptress. She dropped to the floor, pulled out my rock hard cock, and gave me a blowjob straight out of a porno movie. 'I think she has done this before' was the thought running through the bloodless brain. She then got up and started riding my cock frontward and back as if there was a rodeo prize to be won. Finally, I mounted her bubble butt and drilled her twat from behind before turning her over and planting a week& ... More

July 19, 2007 Mimi
You know how I like my girls? Quiet! That's right, don't talk! I just want to fuck you senseless and unload my semen into your pretty hairless pussy. Well, Mimi is a girl after my own heart. She didn't say a word the entire time which makes me think she might have been a mute. I didn't care if she was retarded because her ass certainly wasn't retarded. She bounced her prime onion up and down my cock so marvelous, I swear I was going to blow her to the ceiling. And while fucking her backwards and sideways I managed to slip my cock into her browneye for some quick anal fun. So let' ... More

July 10, 2007 Nina
This week’s CreampieThais episode features cum junky Nina from Bangkok. Nina the deepthroat queen stopped by to engulf my cock like a Python eating a rat! She does some magical thing with her throat while it's wedged in to the hilt. It's like she flexes her muscles and you sort of feel like it might get swallowed. I so badly wanted to just finish the job off by shooting my wad deep into her belly or down her throat but I really needed to stay true to my game and finish off in her pussy. Now Nina's pussy is sort of like her throat. Once you're inside, you can feel her milking every ... More

June 27, 2007 Taew
Ok you've all been asking for her so here she is! The most electrifying fuck-fest I've ever encountered from a Thai girl. Taew is a stunning 20 year old Coyote Dancer who is a sex machine with legs. Watch her dance on stage and you get an instant boner, imagine watching dance on your cock reverse cowgirl. Amazing! Her continuous craving for multiple orgasms is the most exhausting sexual experience I've ever had in boom boom paradise. My first scene with her she swallowed my entire load. Since then the fan emails have poured in begging for me to creampie this siren. So I invited Taew over for ... More

June 15, 2007 Bee
22 year old Bee is back for another scene. The first time I met Bee, she was kind enough to show me her oral skills, which you can see inside This time, however, she was going to let me pollinate her honey comb with my fat load. She anxiously took my cock in her mouth and began sucking while I fondled her pussy from behind. The way this girl sucks cock, this scene could have easily turned into another scene for Asian Suck Dolls, but I had to hold out, for my load had one destination: inside Bee’s tight Asian pussy. I bury my cock between her wet lips and feel her sweet pussy. A ... More

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November 26, 2015 Visa
This week’s Creampie Thais episode features 20 year old Visa. What a beauty! Look at that sweet and innocent face. They don't get anymore Asian looking than this week's model. If you like the real authentic Vietnam/Cambodian look, than this sexy 20 year old bar girl will definitely fulfill your sexual dreams. This horny Thai amateur didn't have much sexual experience, but that made no difference..once my cock was buried in her mouth, I think instincts took over and she knew exactly what to do. Soon after I was fucking her warm tight pussy in various positions until my instincts took ov ... More

November 24, 2015 Toy
This week I was looking for something tiny to drill when I suddenly came across Toy who is a 19 yr old Thai girl. Her name says it all Toy, Fuck Toy....well, My Toy at least for the next 20 minutes or so. Anyway she didn't live far from where I found her so we strolled back to her apartment so I could get my hands on her little brown ass. She was very shy and had to pull my pud for like 5 minutes before committing to put it in her mouth. I'm guessing from her motions that it may have been her first time sucking cock. But it didn't matter to me because all I wanted was her to prime the pump s ... More

November 21, 2015 Jun
Oh My Buddha! Check out 20 yr old Jun with her beautiful dark-skinned body and BIG, dark-nippled titties. Sometimes I amaze even myself. How I can get an Asian girl this hot to fuck on film is beyond my comprehension, but I never question it! Can you say Nom Yi? This girl is a fantasy cum true and I'll tell you why. Halfway through my fuck session with this amazing fuck doll, she looks up from sucking my cock and says "Wanna Fuck Me In My Ass?" I was like, hell yes I do! Turns out, this is the longest video I have ever filmed with any model because it wasn't planned, but I wasn't g ... More

November 19, 2015 Yang
Do you ever fantasize seeing a real Asian slut milk the cum from your cock? Meet 22 year old Yang from Pattaya. Yang is a very sexually experienced Thai girl who really knows exactly what to do to make a man happy. She immediately goes for my cock and starts her talented sucking before turning around and force feeding my cock into her pussy doggie style. Then she turns around and starts sucking my cock again, licking her juices from my dick. Now I gotta lay down for this and sure enough my Asian cock sucker follows me to the bed and devours me again. And just when I couldn't take anymore, she climbs ... More

November 17, 2015 Gif
Wow, some hot Anal action with this fresh Thai cutie! Feast your horny little eyes on 19 year old Gif from Pattaya. I met Gif on walking street after a night of crazy partying. High or sober this girl makes my cock harder than Chinese Algebra. One look at that innocent face and killer body and I knew I would be pounding that pussy. Gif is a Teen Thai temptress who's a bit shy but once you slip your dick in her she opens up....I mean she really opens up. Like her ass totally accepted my cock as I was trying to slip it back in her pussy. Ooops, I didn't mean to put it there...but since it's al ... More

November 14, 2015 Jenny
This week’s CreampieThais porn video features a familiar face. Remember Jenny? She's the blonde big busted Thai girl from Pattaya who really loves to suck and fuck. Her hair color is now natural, but her sexual appetite is still the same same. Seeing Jenny shaking her ass on stage brought back the memories of an awesome Creampie scene and instantly gave me wood. It took me a few seconds to realize I wanted another piece of this prime Thai Ass and motioned over to the mamasan. Barfine paid and off to the short time room for round # 2!  This time I really tried to hold back as long as I cou ... More

November 12, 2015 Poppy
Poppy, the 21 year old cum slut from Bangkok is back for a second helping of sperm. I jumped at the chance to fill her Thai hole as soon as she asked. What can I say about this girl…she loves the cock. Poppy, more than any Thai girl I’ve ever been with, just loves having cock in every orfice: in her mouth, in her pussy, in her ass…wherever. Knowing a girl is down for anything sexually is the biggest turn on, and back at the room I waste no time in poking Poppy’s throat with my love stick. The things this girl can do with her mouth is unbelievable. If it were up to her she would ... More

November 10, 2015 Jutatip
This week’s CreampieThais episode features 20 year old. Jutatip. Jutatip is a really cool chick who lives in Pattaya. She has a great smile and loves to give me short time when I need it. Oh and I need short time A LOT! Ive been titty fucking those massive behemoths of breasts for a while now and I finally got her to show them off for the camera. All natural, Jutatip has the kind of fun pillows that could cure insomnia. After calling up Jutatip for a quick blow, I soon found myself wanting to titty fuck her funbags. And soon after that, I got the urge to penetrate her bald Asian pussy with my cock ... More

November 7, 2015 Dao
Dao is a really young looking Bangkok slut who has a body of a goddess. I met Dao as I was coming out of my daily massage session. I had already gotten my cock stroked by my regular masseuse but Dao was so insistent I take her back and fuck her that I simply couldn’t say no. Her nice sized tits and firm ass was built especially for fucking....and maybe baby making!! So I took her to a hotel room and proceeded to boom boom this tender piece of ass all afternoon long until it was time to do my dirty deed and dump my seed inside her sweet teen pussy. 20 year old Thai fuck kitten Dao had no difficulty ... More

November 5, 2015 Toon
Hey, this week I met a girl named Toon who is a little shy, but has an awesome personality. Her name is short for Cartoon which is another one of those whacky Thai names we all know and love. One of these days I need to setup a threesome with Cartoon and former Creampie Thais model Porn. Anyways 22 year old Toon definitely knew what to do when I pulled out my cock and it felt so good to have her lips wrapped around my head. This Pattaya street whore was shy with her clothes off, but once we were in the sheets she was an entirely new person. There was little light left in the room from the sun going down ... More

November 3, 2015 Muk
Look who's back! Muk the big titty Thai amateur from Bangkok is back in this never before released bonus scene. Muk has been the overwhelming fan favorite on Creampie Thais, garnering more attention than even Janine! Now you can enjoy the nicest tits in Thailand for a second time. Seriously, are there a nicer set of tits in all of Asia? If there are, I would like to see! Not only is Muk a stunner, but she has that girl next door quality too. You almost just want to stare beautiful frame in the nude instead of fucking. Wait did I just say that?? lol. This is Creampie Thais and Muk did receive her sec ... More

October 31, 2015 Kitty
Kitty Kitty! Makes me feel fine! Ok, here's the deal. I just got into Pattaya and Kitty was my first shoot in a while and she was a fucking knockout so I completely forgot how to use my new camera using only the media card and not the DV tape. So there's no audio and quality is shitty too. BUT, the scene is worth showing because she's so cute. Oh, and I shot my load in like a minute because I'm pathetic. Can you blame me? Seriously though, you step off a plane where you’ve been surrounded by nothing but 300lb American women and how can you not blow your load early with a GORGEOUS 1 ... More

October 29, 2015 Porn
A Thai girl named Porn…’nuff said. This weeks Asian creampie video features 21 year old Porn. No you’re not seeing things, her name really is PORN. How awesome is that?? I imagine the next girl I creampie will be named Cunt or Twat. Whatever their names are, as long as they have the same desire for cock, then it’s all good! So how did I meet this gorgeous Thai teen? Well Porn works reception at one of the nicer resorts in Pattaya. As I checked in for the night, I see this porcelain face starring submissively up at me. "Will there be anything else you require?" she asks ... More

October 27, 2015 Pon
Un-fucking-believable! Im literally speechless. What an awesome little Thai girl. Meet 20 year old Pon from Bangkok. Pon is a coyote dancer at one of the more upscale bars in town. A girl this hot wasn’t as easy as simply barfining, no no, this took some work. But after a few dates and a few movies, Pon was back at my place with a glass of pop in one hand and my cock in the other. After playing with Pon’s perfect and I mean PERFECT Asian breasts, I fingered her cleanly shaven Thai fuck hole. Pon rides my cock towards the end of the clip until I explode in her pussy. Great scene for those who ... More

October 24, 2015 Poo
This week’s Creampie Thais episode features 21 year old Poo. This boner inducing Thai teen is originally from Chiang Mai but now works in Bangkok as a waitress in a Go-Go. Now you’re probably thinking, “how did you fuck a waitress, aren’t they off limits?” Well my friends, if its in Thailand and it has a pussy then its never off limits! A little small talk, a few drinks, and off we went to the short time room. What a young piece of hot Thai ass! Hairless pussy, cute little bubble butt and loves to get fucked. Poo has the kind of rotund ass you just want to have fuck you rev ... More

October 22, 2015 Lung
Lung is the "perfect" Thai girl. She is an expert in Soi 'shortime' and just loves to turn and burn. However, this time she gets more than she bargained for. Soi 6 was the destination for a quick afternoon fuck fest, and Lung was the perfect whore for the job. Thankfully I had camera in hand because this Thai slut was too freaky not to capture on film. A few minutes after introducing myself, Lung is already slobbering on my cock. American Women need to take a few lessons from Lung lol. After face fucking Lung and her soft mouth, it was time to penetrate that tight Thai pussy. I pound h ... More

October 20, 2015 Or
Feast your horny little eyes on 22 year old Or…or Whore as I call her. "Or" has a fuckin' smokin little body, just built for breeding. A rock hard body, perky natural breasts and a picture perfect Thai pussy, there wasn’t a thing about this Thai bombshell that I didn’t like! I met Or on my first trip to Phuket, and that’s exactly what I did heh heh. Back at the short time room, I put her tiny Asian frame on a chair and drill her exposed pussy. I can actually count the wrinkles on the pretty whore's asshole. She sucks my cock after it's been in her creamy pu ... More

October 17, 2015 Poon
This week’s Asian Creampie video features 22 year old Poon. I love how all of these Thai bitches have names that have something to do with sex. I'm sure in some future update that i'll actually find one named "cunt" or "asshole." Even "anus" would do. Poon is a young, 22 year-old little Thai M.I.L.F that has awesome, milk filled tits. Unlike the majority of Amateur Thais on CreampieThais, Poon has seen her fair share of cock. After taking off my pants, Poon knew EXACTLY what to do! You gotta love a girl with experience! After pounding Poon I coined a new desig ... More

October 15, 2015 Nok
Asian Cameltoe…is there anything prettier? Check out 19 year old Nok. This girl is a Thai wet dream. PERFECT little body, nice tits, tiny ass and hairless pussy. I am 100% sure that her name is short for "nookie." Her pussy is so airtight that it "farts" as cock is thrusted in and out. Nok comes to us from Udon Thani, which is actually the same town where Thainee from comes from! This town is notorious for bringing up cum hungry Thai girls who want nothing but cock. After having Nok show off her amazing cameltoe, it was time to have this cum thirsty Thai Teen get d ... More

October 13, 2015 Ja
This week’s CreampieThais movie features 22 year old Ja. Nice hanging tits and a shy nature describe Ja. She starts off shy and asks that we not fuck by the window. It's kinda amusing; I guess it didn't register with her that I am hold a fucking camera and TONS of people will be watching her Thai pussy get flooded with cum on the internet! After stripping her nude and playing with her shaved Thai twat, her shyness magically subsided. Ja has a real talent when it comes to using her mouth as the blowjob was so good I didn’t want it to end! But of course this wouldn’t be much of a ... More

October 10, 2015 A
Feast your eyes on “A”. Yes that’s really her name and is easily the shortest name you’ll ever see at Creampie Thais. 21 year old "A" has a perfect petite body and a tiny hairless pussy. "A" could stand for "A"sian fuck machine. I think she is called "A" because of her perfect little "A"nus. Watch as her tiny star shaped asshole pulsates as cum leaks out of her used pussy and onto the bed. If you like petite brown fucking machines, then “A” definitely fits that bill. A student by day, and cock servicing whore by night, ... More

October 8, 2015 M
This week’s Creampie Thais episode features M, a gogo dancer from Bangkok. M is a fucking HOT little thai whore. Tiny little ass, perfect titties and sweet chocolate nipples. I saw M dancing on stage, shaking that sweet little brown ass and knew I had to pound it. I finish my drink, pay the barfine and were off! Back at my room I take a look at her naturally hairless pussy. This girl has never shaved a day in her life! Amazing! Within a few minutes I have her teabaggin my nuts and slobbering all over my cock. M rides my cock three ways from sunday, trying to milk cum into her innocent purple pussy ... More

October 6, 2015 Panida
Feast your eyes on our newest Creampie Thais model: Panida This Thai teen is a 19 year old Asian nympho who I met at a popular disco club. After dancing for less than a minute, Panida asks if she can come back with me, I respond “only If you let me drop a load in your pussy”, to which Panida nodded yes. So off we went to a short time room across the street and I waste no time with small talk. Off with the clothes and in with the cock. After a quick sample of Panida’s oral services it was time to pound some pussy, and how sweet a pussy it was! Panida had just moved to Bangkok from up No ... More

October 3, 2015 Pin
Pin is a tiny little fuck doll I met in a go-go club in Phuket. 19 years old, beautiful long hair, a sweet smile and of course a bangin body! Besides being a gorgeous Thai Teen, Pin is an expert Asian cocksucker. She starts out shy, but soon was licking my cock with her pierced tongue. Talk about technique, this girl knew exactly what she was doing! The way she twirled her tongue around my member almost made me blow it right there! But alas, my load had one destination and one destination only: her sweet and shaved Asian Vag! I fuck her tiny hairless thai pussy every which way to Bangkok. Listen to her ... More

October 1, 2015 Lek
I think I’ve found her…the Asian J-Lo! This week’s Creampie Thais episode features a Thai girl with booty! 18 year old Lek is an adorable Asian teen who wants to get married. Barely 18 years only, she creates a video introduction explaining all her domestic skills and her ability to give her future husband sex everyday. She hopes that the video will find her a nice old man to take care of her and her family.  In the meantime, I  test her sucky sucky skills and boom boom abilities and proceed to give her first experience of child conception by filling her ... More

September 29, 2015 Som
This week’s Creampie Thais video features som, a petite spinner from Koh Samui. When I first met Som, I was FUCKIN' AMAZED! 85lbs and under 5'0" I knew this girl was the definition of "FUCK TOY." Watch in awe as this LITTLE ASIAN GIRL sucks cock for the FIRST TIME. She was shy at first but quickly warmed up after I started toying with her tiny titties and shaved Asian pussy. This tiny fuck toy had very little experience with foreign cock, but today her lesson begins! Her pussy CREAMS as I fuck her. Her pussy is so tight and wet im ready to blow after just a few minutes. I ho ... More

September 26, 2015 Muk
I found something rarer in Thailand than a winning lotto ticket, a Thai girl that I can TITTIE FUCK! Feast your eyes on Muk, one of the hottest and most downloaded girls on Creampie Thais. This GORGEOUS Thai girl looks like a young, fresh, Tera Patrick. And those tits! Sweet mother of pearl, these Asian tits belong in the Louvre! What’s even hotter than Muk’s natural Asian breasts are her oral skills. After playing with her bajambos, Muk gets on her knees and shows off her talent for sucking cock. After a few minutes of oral heaven it was time to sample that prime Asian pussy. Faster than yo ... More

September 24, 2015 Poom
This week’s Creampie Thais episode features teen babe Poom. You can never go wrong in a Soi short time bar. You walk in, have a beer, pick a piece of ass you want to pound, pay the barfine, go up to the short time room, pound and repeat. Ahh it’s a magical process that gives me wood every time I think about it. I met cum dumpster Poom on one of my recent visits and she did not disappoint! This Thai whore’s only skill is to service cock, which is the only skill I was interested in at the moment. Poom's pussy is a favorite of mine. I love it when a girl opens her petite little legs w ... More

September 22, 2015 Par
This week’s Creampie Thais episode features 20 year old Thai cutie Par from Bangkok. After fucking girls from Nana Plaza and Patpong it was time to hit up the cowboy…Soi Cowboy. Par caught my attention on the go go stage because of her appealing look and her quite different attitude. Her dance moves were energetic and could easily mimic any of today's MTV divas. But it was her perfect Asian ass which made me want to take her home and fuck the day lights out of her. However, it wasn't until the next day when we got to hook up and this small Asian girl definitely lived up to my expect ... More

September 19, 2015 Ann
Meet this week’s Creampie Thais model, her name is Ann and she comes to us from Pattaya, Thailand. 20 year old Ann has an amazing Asian look with very thick dark hair that contours her face beautifully. Her body is also small and tight with cute round tits that fit in your palm perfectly. Her sexy smile shoots right through you when you catch her eye, and you feel that familiar urge telling you to bar fine this young Thai whore and proceed to fuck and fill her hole with your built up man cum. Well I'm sure Ann gets that a lot because she loves to stare! Back at the room I strip Ann completely ... More

September 17, 2015 Duan
This week’s Asian Creampie episode features Duan, a 23 year old whore that I picked up for a pack of cigarettes. Soon she was back in my room smokin' my cock and licking my balls with her little pointed tongue. I don’t know who taught this Thai teen how to suck cock, but sweet mother of pearl can she suck! The technique, the rhythm, the way she gave a blowjob made me think she graduated with a degree in cocksucking. After getting one of the best blowjobs of my life, I put Thai nympho Duan on a chair backwards and totally expose her Thai pussy and ass to the world. I can do what I please ... More

September 15, 2015 Jami
The great thing about Thailand is the variety of Thai Pussy that you will encounter. Young Pussy, Milf Pussy, Shaved Pussy, hairy pussy, apple pie pussy, whatever your desire, you can find it in Thailand. Jami is an older Thai girl who really needed some cock, and I suppose it was time to give a more experienced Thai girl a load of my cum. She had a really small body so I figured it would be fun to fuck and fill with my man seed. After playing with her milf pussy, it was time to let her go to work on my cock. She sucked my cock for a few minutes and then I bent her over the counter and drilled her fuckh ... More

September 12, 2015 Aee
This week’s Creampie Thais porn video features one of the tiniest models we’ve ever featured. Meet Aee, at only 34 Kilos, Aee is the smallest, most petite Asian girl I've ever seen. Her tiny body was so small that my cock had finally reached pornstar status. Well, at least for the 15 minutes it took to fuck this amazingly small girl in several positions before emptying my wad deep inside her hairless Teen pussy. I met Aee in a beer bar and after a few adult beverages Aee agreed to come back to my place for a short time fuck session. One look at this girl and you cant help but want to fee ... More

September 10, 2015 Jenny
This week’s CreampieThais episode features 22 year old Jenny from Pattaya. Now while Jenny is a tiny lil thing standing at only 5’1”, she truly represents the old saying “good things come in small packages”. In fact the only thing on Jenny that isn’t small are those heavenly breasts. Jenny has some of the BIGGEST NATURAL TITS you will ever see on a Thai girl! They definitely grab your attention, especially considering she has such a petite frame. I fuck Jenny from behind and play with those heavy handfuls. I dump my future Creampie offspring into her shaved pussy. As ... More

September 8, 2015 Kung
This 20 year old Thai fuck toy is named Kung and she is very cute when she is smiling, laughing, or sucking my cock. Her tight body was perfect for touching, fingering, and fucking and sure enough I did all three! Kung is a freelancer who I met in a disco late one night. A few beers, and Kung was ready to go back to my room for the finale.  My guess is that she's had some experience with smoking the pole and riding the pony since it didn't take me long to do what she's probably use to.....cum in her fucking pussy! That’s just how I like em here at Creampie Thais, young, ... More

September 5, 2015 Noon
Feast your eyes on 18 year old Noon ( yes she’s really 18 ). I think this slut is named "Noon" because anyone would fuck her Thai pussy til' noon the next day! I met Noon in a Pattaya gogo and after two minutes of small talk I knew I wanted to blow my load inside of her. So without any hesitation, we go up to the short time room above and get down to business. Watching Noon’s tiny brown ass bounce on my cock from the ceiling and side mirrors was pure heaven. Not only are the girls pornstar quality, but so are the short time rooms heheh. When she bends over, her pussy and asshol ... More

September 3, 2015 Nuch
This week’s Thai Creampie video features Nuch, a 20 year old teen from Bangkok. "Fresh" is the best way to describe this Thai piece of ass. I must be like the 3rd person to ever fuck this girl. How did I land this one? Luck and a lot of tequila! Back at the short time room Nuch strips nude and shows off her naughty bits. After tickling Nuch’s Thai twat, it was time to have her show me her blowjob skills…and boy she did not disappoint! Nuch had this magical ability to “charm the snake” from my trousers. It’s like there’s a blowjob university somewhere ... More

September 1, 2015 Oom
Oom is an energetic Asian go go dancer who is very friendly and mentioned she’s always wanted to be in front of the camera. Really? Well I could definitely help with that! But instead of modeling clothes, she was going to be modeling that sweet Asian ass for the entire world to see. She's a bit shy, but still loves to show off her ass. After Oom stripped nude and showed off her sexy assets, it was time to cop a feel of her perfect Asian frame. A camera in one hand and Oom’s breasteses in another, I definitely had my hands full. After groping Oom’s naughty bits it was time to pound ... More

August 29, 2015 Poppy
This week’s Thai porn video features 21 year old Poppy from Bangkok. I found Poppy in a real sexy pair of black shorts sitting outside of a popular shopping mall on Sukhumvit. While I was walking by, I was lucky enough to catch her attention and she smiled and called me over. After some small talk, Poppy and her friend agreed to come back to my hotel and get to fucking. Back at the hotel, I had Thai amateur Poppy strip completely nude and show off her hairless Asian pussy. After a heavenly blowjob from one of the most inviting mouths in Asia, it was time to pound! Her friend wa ... More

August 27, 2015 Jee
Talk about whoppers! Jee is only 18 and already she has 36DDD's. Once I laid eyes on this Asian Teen Goddess I had to inseminate her. I know it's probably wrong to just pick up Thai teenagers, make them suck your dick, then fuck their cunt until you unleash the baby batter of life.....but don't worry, there's plenty of milk in those puppies to feed the future offspring! Seriously these Asian tits are ALL natural, the kind you want to rev up the motorboat for! I could have spent the entire video just playing with those massive mammaries, but alas a Creampie was in the future for Jee. ... More

August 25, 2015 Mild
Ahh the joys of fresh 20 yr old Thai pussy.  Meet 20 year old Mild, a bargirl from Phuket. Mild has a sweet little body, cute handful tits and a tight little bubble butt. After seeing Mild shake her petite frame on stage, I knew I wanted a taste of that sweet Asian snatch. I paid the barfine and off we went to the short time room. Good thing I had my trusty camera with me because it would have been a crime not to have Mild’s tight lil ass on camera. After inspecting her naughty bits with my hands it was time to inject that Thai pussy full of cock. Honestly I think Mild would have stayed ... More

August 22, 2015 Ayu
This girl has a glass face, Y'know the kind you see on most China Dolls! I met Ayu in a local beer bar and while she isnt the youngest whore ive met, she definitely is one of the horniest. A few beers and I was ready to tap it. So off to the short time room we went where Ayu got on her knees and serviced my cock. The cocksucking ability is strong in this one! What I really wanted to do was blast her face with my milky cream, but in the end I just couldn't help but blow my wad into her warm pussy.

August 20, 2015 Gik
We love naughty Asian schoolgirls. Gik is a young cum dumpster who came over one evening wearing her adorable school uniform. She's the kind of girl that would get caught smoking cigarettes in the girls restroom. There is something about a teen student trying to blow her teacher to prevent from getting detention, that is such a turn on. I had to quickly drop her to her knees and feel her warm mouth engulf my hard cock. I stood her up and fondled her tiny body under her miniskirt and rubbed her smooth shaved slit. I couldn't handle it anymore so I bent her over ... More

August 18, 2015 Bim
This week’s CreampieThais porn video features Bim, a busty 18 year old from Bangkok. Bim Bim, where do I begin. Well first I need to have you shave that hairy bush. Yes I want to make sure the creampie I plant inside you is fully exposed as it oozes out from your 18 year old pussy. So let's give it a Bim Bim trim. Afterward I'll show you my Bim Bam Boom Boom room where I will be the first white cock you've ever taken into your sweet 18 year old cunt. Well she wasn't the most participating bar girl I've ever came across, but she's young and new and somebody has to break her ... More

August 15, 2015 Joon
This week’s Creampie Thais episode features Thai cutie Joon. Ok I know you're all dreaming of having a submissive Thai wife cooking, cleaning, and sucking your cock on demand. Well If I were to choose a girl for that fantasy role, it would have to be Joon. She is the sweetest Asian girl I know and has the prettiest, puffiest lips that were meant to wrap around your cock and slide up and down your rod like a piston on premium oil. Not only is she an absolute sweetheart, but she is a 100% certified nymphomaniac, this girl just cant get enough of the cock. Whether its sucking it or riding it, her ... More

August 13, 2015 Oy
Back by popular demand is the wonderful and sexy Miss Oy. This time she's back to get her tiny cunt filled with another hot load. Oy has quickly proven to be one of the most popular Thai girls on the site, and for good reason! I absolutely love fucking this girl because she has the most amazing little ass. It's so small that as she is giving you the reverse cowgirl fuck-a-thon, you feel like your dick is twice the size. Who needs penis pills or pumps when all you need is a teen Asian fuck doll like Oy bouncing up n down your cock. Ahh, who am I kidding, my dick is still small. Well you don't ... More

August 11, 2015 Indyah
My little Indian/Thai princess is back for some cum filled action. She's still shy and nervous but it doesn't matter because she looks hot as hell. Indyah makes her second appearance at Asian Suck Dolls, much to the joy of the fans but more importantly my cock! That jet black hair is so sexy, especially with her cute cowboy hat. Her skin has a beautiful brown glaze and it feels smooth as silk. I really like fucking this girl because she is just so submissive. She yipes and squeals like a Japanese schoolgirl when I penetrate her in every position, it's great. And not to elude my original plan ... More

August 8, 2015 Jantra
Ok so it's late one really late and I'm sitting around contemplating going out to one of the entertainment plazas to find a last minute piece of tail, or make an easy phone call to one of the many Bangkok escort services. Well my laziness sealed the deal and sure enough an hour later there was a soft knock at the door. Now, I was expecting something short and cute, but I wasn't expecting fine ass high class. Jantra is 20 years old with a perfect little slit pussy and amazing deep dark eyes. She came down the stairs in her black mini dress and after a quick tease got right on he ... More

August 6, 2015 Fa
What is better than an Asian teen with braces and a tight little bald pussy? ::: pause ::: **crickets** ::: pause ::: Well I can't think of anything either. So you're in luck to see this week's teen squeeze. Her name is Fa, as in "Boy that Thailand is sure Fa away" So, let's talk serious now. Fa's teen pussy is about the size of my thumb. Now I don't normally struggle to bury my boner in most of the snatches that across my path, but this girl....oh man. It was like a Chinese finger puzzle. Once I got it in, I couldn't pull it out! The only thing I could do was shoot ... More

August 4, 2015 Oy
Well lookie what we have here. Now this is truly a Thai goddess! Boy oh boy we're lucky lucky to get sucky and fucky for a few bucky. Her name is Oy and she's a real Asian Fuck Doll from Pattaya, Thailand. She's most likely 38 kilos with a body that was sculpted by the Creampie Gods. Oh thank you, your Internalness! Now, what to do, where to start, I think I'll touch her ass...ahhh, palm sized! This is a great Creampie scene with this Thai Go Go dancer. I bounce her feather weight body up and down my shaft, then roll her over doggie style and pump her rump until I shoot a massive load in ... More

August 1, 2015 Nuk
Fantasizing lately about a cute Asian schoolgirl in pigtails sucking your cock? How about her letting you blow your wad deep in her tiny teen cunt? Well you sick freaks, I've got a new episode for you to watch. Check out CreampieThais newest Thai honey named Nuk. Yes, we all need a little 'Nuk-kie' in our lives and this sweet cum receptacle is just begging to be filled with man seed. I get a little bath tub action going on in this episode with her big eyes looking right up as she devours my cock. We then splashed around in several positions until I felt my sperm factory go into full motion f ... More

July 30, 2015 Gon
As many of you know, I try to recruit some of Thailand's sexiest little teen tramps to creampie. However, I've been flirting around with some older bar girls lately and I may be hooked. Gon is a sex-crazed 29 year old beer bar waitress who was horny from the get-go. I pay the bar fine and we were on our merry way. Once, back at my place, Gon didn't waste anytime getting what she was after. She was all over my cock, licking it, sucking it, gazing at it. I just laid there in amazement as she did all the work. It's quite nice to have a woman know exactly what a man likes. I bet she must hav ... More

July 28, 2015 Pla
Check out the body on sexy Thai freelancer Pla! When men see a girl walking down the street in a short blue jean skirt, they usually stop, stare, and drool. However, when a girl is wearing hot pink and black striped thigh highs with stilettos heels, that's when they stop, stare, drool, and fucking fall off their motorbikes. Yeah, in most cultures when a hottie is strutting down the street we usually just whistle and act like the over-hormoned tards that we are. But in Thailand, there is actually a chance of fucking this piece of ass. In fact it's as simple as saying to her 'Short Time, 500 B ... More

July 25, 2015 Fon
This week’s CreampieThais video features a familiar face. Her Asian Hotness Fon is back for another creampie. I just can't get enough of this beautiful girl. This time she was wearing some styling shades that just added the sexual appeal to her already gorgeous face. Her sexy little GoGo outfit had me rock hard which she obviously took notice and dropped to her knees to start sucking my cock. Then I bent her over a counter top and sank my wiener between her tiny Asian buns and began pumping in and out of her tight pussy. After that she rode my cock for a few minutes so I could feel that wet cu ... More

July 23, 2015 Paen
Thai cum bucket Paen is back by popular demand. Well, I suppose I wanted her back so I could fill her pussy with my cum one more time. She's got the best personality and I have a great time playing around with her perfect Asian nips and shaved cunt. But it's her sexuality that is the biggest turn on. She really enjoys playing and sucking on your cock teasing it until it's ready to burst, then she turns around and shows off her cute Asian butt and shaved Asian twat. It's already wet so your cock slides in with ease and next thing you know you're buried to the hilt. It's not long a ... More

July 21, 2015 Wen
Finding long legs on a Thai girl is a rare find in pussy paradise, but this week I got lucky when I met 19 year old Wen. She's a goofy little chick with a bright smile and a set of legs that go on for miles. She strolled around wearing the sexiest little outfit with candy cane leotards that made my mouth drool. Anyways after playing around with her perfect little Asian nips and tight Asian Ass, I got a little humjob before getting her to strip out of her teen dream outfit and bend over the bed ready to get a good fucking. I took advantage of fucking her most delicious body in every possibl ... More

July 18, 2015 Nat
Hey all you Creampie freaks! Do you know what an Asian S-P-I-N-N-E-R is? Well look below at the 85lb. piece of Asian ass I discovered this week. This week’s Creampie video features sexy fuck toy Nat. We normally define a spinner as a fuck toy that is less than 100lbs and you can basically just sit her on your cock and spin her round n round n round. Let's face it, the fantasy concept of having a HOT rotating pussy just going up n down on your pole til you blast your load deep inside her fuck tunnel is like umm WOW! Well, Nat is definitely a spinner and I was lucky enough to fuck her tiny pussy ... More

July 16, 2015 Fon
This week’s Asian Creampie video features Thai girl Fon. Big gallons of Sperm! That's right, big gallons of sperm are what I dumped inside this amazingly beautiful Thai girl. Fon is a real hottie who loves to party hardy. She's a GoGo dancer (aren't they all?) at one of the top bars in Thailand. I was lucky enough to shoot a wad of my jizz into her willing mouth over at, but this time I was going to make sure that she was inseminated to the brim. This Thai whore loves taking cock almost as much as sucking it. She's a submissive girl who just sticks her ass like a ... More

July 14, 2015 Paen
This week’s Creampie epsidode features Creampie first timer Paen. One night in Bangkok I was at a famous blowjob bar and I met a girl named Paen who became a favorite of mine because she could really suck cock. You know, the kind of girl who really gets into it. It’s like this girl graduated from Bangkok Blowjob university with a Ph.D is advanced cocksucking theory. Paen was so talented at sucking cock I ended up doing a shoot with her and filling her mouth on camera with my hot load. It's a great scene which you can see exclusively at Anyway, I still didn't cream ... More

July 11, 2015 Janee
Wow, now this is what I call a sexy fucking Thai girl. Meet horny Thai newcummer Janee from Pattaya. She's young, beautiful and has the perfect little slit. I call it a slit because that's exactly what it looks like. A tiny opening that has no wrinkles and is perfect on both sides. Well besides her sexy looks (and perfect pussy) this girl really could fuck. She took a last drag of her cigarette before inviting my cock over to suck. After she smoked my dick for a few minutes, I stood her up, turned her around, and bent her over and fucked her from behind so I can touch that beautiful ass. Then, a ... More

July 9, 2015 Aom
Check out those massive Asian Boobies! This week’s Asian Creampie video features milf hottie Aom. Aom is a full figured Asian slut with some really big titties and an even bigger appetite for sex. This Thai Amateur wasted no time in getting me to short time her, grabbing my cock as soon as I walked into the bar. I like a girl who wastes no time! I paid the barfine and off we went to the short time room. Aom is well past her teens and into her sexual prime where nothing matters except cock and cum. She proves this theory by instantly sucking my cock, tickling my balls and inserting my boner into he ... More

July 7, 2015 Som
Once in awhile you get lucky and find a girl who isn't the typical Asian bar girl, yet still possess the appetite for sex like your local Go Go slut. Som is 21 years old and is a really smart noodle. She has already graduated college with a degree in something that doesn't make any money and is trying to earn some extra cash to pay for her frequent visits to the shopping mall. I must admit that this girl was one of the best fucks I've had in a long time. You can see in the video how she slowly sucks my cock while twiddling her twat. Her pussy is hairless and my cock eases in smoothly pumping ... More

July 4, 2015 Sow
Like your Asian girls DARK skinned? Then you’re going to love this week’s Creampie Thais episode. Meet 20 year old Sow from Pattaya. Thai girls in general have a nice olive skin tone which they attentively try to keep as white looking as possible. However, on occasion you will stumble across a dark skinned beauty like this week's cum dumpster. Sow is a 20 year old slut with a round and brown booty that just says BAM, fuck me! So I did. But not before I had Sow get on her knees and give me her patented “tongue twister” blowjob. After nearly blowing it, I pulled out and fucked ... More

July 2, 2015 May
This week’s Creampie Thais episode features Pattaya gogo dancer May. May is a delightful little fuck toy with a small body and a fat pussy. I was weary that she would be too shy or naive to get my creamer juices flowing, but May surprised me with an amazing array of sexual talents. I asked if she liked to “smoke” which is codeword for Blowjob and her eyes lit up and said “YES!” Uhh will you marry me?? She wasted no time by dropping to her knees and devouring my cock. The blowjob skills that May possessed were second to none. I then fucked her tight cunt from multiple positi ... More

June 30, 2015 Lung
Look who’s back for another Creampie! It's been two years since I had the pleasure of dumping my cum inside Lung's Thai pussy. Well, with a stroke of luck my little Soi short time girl is back for another filling. With age comes a world of sexual experience, and this is something that Lung has plenty of. Lung has been around enough cock in her life to know all the sweet spots. This time she knows exactly what to do, dropping to her knees and sucking my cock for a few minutes using the perfect combination of mouth and hands. After nearly blowing it in her mouth, I pull out and prime her pus ... More

June 27, 2015 Katie
This week’s Thai porn video features Thai newcummer Katie. It's really late one night and I'm gleefully skipping down skippy street when I come across this really cute looking Asian girl. Her name was Katie and she had the slimmest body with the longest legs I'd seen all night. And to her luck I was just in the mood for some lengthy limbs to wrap around my ass as I fuck a babe. So with a flick of my finger the deal was done and we headed over to a short time apartment where I got to fuck and fill this sweet young snatch with my huge load. If you’ve got a thing for the girl next d ... More

June 25, 2015 Em
If I find a cameltoe, you bet your ass im filming it. Feast your eyes on 18 year old Em. Wow, what a pretty little teen pussy. Em is only 18 years old and she has the cutest little bald pussy with the softest lips. Besides having a knockout body, Em has the sexiest cameltoe I’ve ever seen, She eagerly got undressed, but carefully took my cock into her mouth as if it were the first time. Reaching down I cupped her precious folds and fingered around until I slid into her wet slit. As so as I felt her moisture I knew it was time to give my cock the same sensation and fuck this pretty little girl. I f ... More

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